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vending bike

A vending bike, also referred to as a retail or delivery bike, is a bike designed to form a perfect portable store to sell goods. Vending bikes are prone to transformation into candy bikes, beverage, vegetable, or fruit bikes, according to the business needs at hand. Delivery bikes resemble regular bikes at the front. However, the rear of the bikes features a storage area between two wheels where the cart holding the goods is positioned. Therefore, owing to its three wheels, a vending bike can be referred to as a tricycle. There are several brands of vending bikes in the market, each of which is unique from the other. This fact makes it challenging to choose the best one. In this article, we discuss all that pertains to vending bikes.

Features of vending bikes 

  • Wheels

One of the most important elements of consideration is the strength of the wheels. The role of a delivery bike is to lag and carry around large items like icecream freezers from one place to another. This element means that the wheel needs to be strong enough to handle both the weight of the person and the items. The size of the wheel diameter determines the strength of the wheel. The standard wheel diameter for a robust vending bike is about sixty-eight centimeters.

The metallic parts of the wheel also need to be made from sturdy material. The wheel itself should be made of a strong and durable material like rubber. It is also paramount to take note that all delivery bikes feature three wheels. The three wheels are aimed at increasing balance and handing the weight of the luggage. It is, therefore, essential to make sure that all three wheels are equally strong.

  • The frame of the bike

The frame of the vending bike dramatically influences the functionality and durability of the bike as well. A sturdy frame ensures stability during the riding and effectiveness of the bike in general. A double tube frame would be the best choice as it encourages sturdiness. The bike frame can also be painted in different colors depending on the rider and the business need.

vending bike
  • Brakes

Vending bikes need reliable brakes. Hydraulic brakes are perhaps the most reliable brakes in the market. The brakes, therefore, guarantee safe driving for both the pedestrians and the ridder. A parking brake is also a wise addition to a vending bike. The parking brake helps to facilitate parking in between tasks.

  • Pushing handles

Pushing handles are an accessory. They help to improve the appearance of the delivery bike. In addition to this feature, the delivery bikes also help improve the riding experience. The handles can be made from varying materials depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the bike. The most common material from which the pushing handles are made in stainless steel. This material is both stylish and durable. Large pushing handles are also a wise option for effectiveness.

  • The Box

The box is the part of the bike where items are carried (storage space). Different delivery bikes feature different box sizes. The best option would be to consider the things that you wish to carry on the bike before choosing the box size. A petite box size would prove insufficient for storage. On the other hand, too large a box size would increase the weight of the bike. The increased weight would make it difficult to ride the bike.

The box may also include a folding cabinet with suitable dimensions to make storage easy. Wicker crates are also a means of adding the storage space and coordination on the bike. The wicker crates can be coordinated from the top to the bottom to create a more pleasing appearance. The box can be made of different materials. Some of the accessible materials from which the box can be made include plywood (waterproof), stainless steel, or RAL (painted).

vending bike

Factors to consider when choosing a vending bike

  • The size

When choosing a vending bike for purchase, the size is a vital factor of consideration. There are two main aspects of size to put into account. Such elements include the size of the box, the wheels, and the entire delivery bike in general. The size of the box should be relative to the intended capacity of items you wish to carry on the bike. On the other hand, the size of the wheel is comparable to the strength and the size of the bike. Finally, the size of the bike depends on the manufacturer, cost, preferences of the owner, and intended purpose of the bike.

  • Color

There is no standard color for a vending bike. The color that you choose for your bike depends on the business you wish to carry out on the bike and your taste. For instance, most business people want light and bright colors for fruit bikes as well as ice cream bikes. The color helps to attract customers.

  • Quality

Several factors influence the quality of the bike. For instance, the quality of material from which the bike is made and the quality of construction. The brand also determines the quality of the bike. It is essential to take into account the quality as it affects the functionality, durability, and cost of the bike.

  • Cost

The cost of the bike is determined by the brand, quality, and size of the bike. For instance, a more extensive bike would cost more than a smaller one.

vending bike

Where to get vending bikes

Several avenues sell and lend vending bikes countrywide. From online stores to physical stores, there are several options. Custom made vending bicycles are also an option. However, getting a customized vending bicycle may be more expensive than the contrary.

Take Away

One unique feature of vending bikes is that the box or the carrier can either be on the front or the rear. Originally, vending tricycles were used for ice cream and referred to as vending tricycles. The term tricycle stems from the three wheels.

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