Top Best Pet Feeders On The Market

Pet Feeders

Your pet should eat at least twice a day. This should be once in the morning and then at night. However, if you are a student that needs to be in school during the day, then an automatic pet feeder comes in handy. This is a plate-like looking device that provides your pooch with its meals in good time. Automatic dog feeders also dispense the food automatically, just as their name suggests.

This should be either by electronic programming or, better yet, gravity. In this blog post, we shall look at the types of automatic dog feeders on Petwanna to find the best and latest models. We also look at those with the highest quality at any budget. Our selection is based on certain factors, including the quality of materials, price, as well as other considerations therein. We have narrowed the search to four of the best pet feeders that are available on the market.

  • Furbo Dog Feeder

 As the name suggests, the Furbo Dog Feeder is designed for dogs specifically. The tossing machine operates in a robotic manner-more like Alexa. It allows you to toss food into the plate of your dog anytime you, please. This can be done via the Furbo app. Other than that, you can also fill up to 200 pieces of your pet’s favorite meal therein just by using a phone. It is also designed with a camera that allows you to see and talk to your pet clearly. The alert function is usually on to enable you to hear your dog if it barks. If you want to set up, you should initially plug the device into a reliable power outlet via a USB cord. Thereafter, you should download the Furbo app on your mobile phone and then connect it to your Wifi.

  • WOpet 7L Dispenser
Pet Feeders

 WOpet is a pet food dispenser created with a distribution alarm coupled with portion control and voice recorder. These features allow you to set daily meal schedules. Every meal can roughly be dispensed from about three teaspoons to 5 cups per feeding. This depends on your program.  You can also record a viably customized message that will remind your dog to feed at the correct time. This automatic feeder is definitely suitable for dry food. There, the compartment can easily hold up to 25 cups at once.

  • WESTLINK Pet Feeder

The WESTLINK pet feeder is affordable. It has a voice recorder and can pack a punch at ago. The pet feeder has an in-built voice recorder coupled with a speaker. This implies that you can record up to 20 seconds of your voice when calling your pet to feed. This feeder is especially perfect for pets that sleep through their meals because it is pre-programmable and can dispense up to 5 meals daily.  


The setting of your dog feeder highly depends on the model you purchase. Generally, you need the clock option, which should help you in setting the time. Then you shall also realize that it is essential to input every desired feeding time. This should be done one at a time. While some models will easily allow you to adjust the food dispensed at every feeding, others won’t. It would help if you chose a pet feeder that will conveniently serve your dog’s feeding needs.  

Pet Feeders
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