Is Your KN95 Face Mask Authentic?

KN95 Mask

All over the World is currently being traumatized the second time by an unprecedented crisis that is cutting across the whole world just as the 2003 SARS. Financial markets have been destroyed due to the rising number of COVID-19 patients. The lack of knowledge on the outbreak and spread of the virus, has caused chaos from different parts of the world. The world is scrambling for different types of face masks, with the prominent KN95 being on the lead. So this is a versatile topic that covers the usage of these masks including how to know that you have an authentic one especially when it comes to selecting one of the best there is on the market (KN95 face mask)

Background Information

Perhaps you have already heard of the famous KN95 face masks which are certified to assist in insulating the healthcare heroes from contracting the coronavirus. With the rise in demand, various Chinese manufacturers are churning out about 300 face masks every day. The difference between supply and demand continues to grow daily.

For that reason, the market could be harboring false replicas that are being sold at relatively exorbitant prices. While the masks look legit, they are counterfeits and can cause danger to different lives. Their permeability, as well as flammability, can also be noted, but only if the buyer is keen on observing the little details involved in the entire buying process.  

If you happen to Google the term KN95 masks, then you have probably realized that Facebook, as well as Google, have put flags on the ground against the ongoing price gouging on these masks. Even so, this move has made it more daunting to come by an actual real mask. Vetting the vendors of these masks has relatively become challenging. So coming by the real deal is even more daunting since scammers are interfering with the quality of the masks.

Here is how to know that yours is authentic:

Test 1- you need a lighter mask.

  • Wear the face mask
  • Hold and then activate some inches from the mouth
  • Use the mask to extinguish the flame
  • A certified mask won’t blow out that flame regardless of how hard you try
  • A poor quality one will put the fire out

Test 2- you need something sweet as well as low

  • Wear your face mask
  • Empty the contents of a container with a nice aroma
  • Put them on a clean surface
  • Sniff them with the mask on then remove the mask and sniff again
  • When wearing a certified mask, you can catch the fragrance easily
  • With a poor quality mask, you will be able to smell saccharin

Final Thoughts

Distributors are seriously profiteering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Just recently, a man was nabbed for indulging in the sale of various KN95 face masks coupled with additional protective gear. To protect yourself from contracting this pandemic, you need to be aware of the tips to weigh in on when choosing your mask. We have shared two of the most significant ones. Good luck!

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