Boom lifts: essential safety tips


The rules may seem simple, but to keep yourself safe from any kind of injury or accident, you must read these. The portable boom lift is a vital component of vast and small-scale industries and plays an essential role in the completion of construction projects. Although you are aware of the equipment’s structure, size and scale of the equipment there can also be some risks that can cause severe injuries if proper safety measures do not apply. Reading this guide, you will come to know that these safety measures are essential to use before or during operating and performing duty on a boom lift. You can stay safe from damage and injuries by following these safety tips.

Keeps the base clear

While you are planning to use the lift on a construction site, first make sure that the circumference and base of the boom lift are apparent. There should not be any hurdles around the boom lift, which can make it difficult to move or result in a collision. Make sure that no one is standing below the circumference of the boom lift. Working on a compact site, people usually stand below the boom lift, which can cause severe injuries like falling off tools on someone or working equipment. If you clear the below area where you are using the boom lift, then if by chance an object falls, it will not cause damage to human beings. Although it is an exceptional case, safety is necessary.

Trained lift operators

Always hire operators who are trained and have experience operating boom lifts. Operators should have certifications and knowledge to keep employees safe while using boom lifts. Testing the new operators before assigning them the job can decrease the risk of problems. If someone lacks a specific skill, he should be adequately trained.

Wearing the harness

One of the significant safety measures is to make a rule for the operator always to wear the harness. Although there are fewer chances that the operator will fall off the lift, the situation can be possible because of the slightest bump or collision of other equipment with the boom lift. A collision can make the operator off-balance, increasing the risk of falling. The operator should wear the harness in some areas where wind pressure is high, or the weather is stormy.

Weight limit

The weight capacity of the boom lift must be checked before usage. There would be a details plate on the lift stating the platform’s capacity, and you should keep that in mind to read that first. Even the slightest overloading can make the top of the lift heavy, resulting in a tip-over of the lift. So, before starting work on a construction site, proper management should ensure that the combined weight of the operator and the tools is lower than the recommended weight. Lifting heavy supplies is also not good with a boom lift. If you follow these safety tips, it is sure that the operations in the construction area will be smooth, safe and time-saving.


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