Everything You Need to Know About Burgundy Lace Front Wigs


Burgundy hair is quite a hot fashion topic this season. It gives you a rejuvenating appearance with a much trendier appeal that everyone craves. Burgundy has been a popular hair color all year round, and it is still quite popular among various celebrities and fashion sensations, adding to its popularity.

Are you thinking of getting yourself a bold makeover this season? Burgundy hair is the way to go. It is a dark red color with purplish hues. The color obtained its name from a very popular French wine named burgundy. With this color, you can elevate your whole appearance making your friends and colleagues gush over your hair. So, if you are looking for 99j burgundy wigs to have your dream makeover, you must know certain things before making a decision.

Here is everything you need to know about burgundy lace front wigs.

On What Skin Tones Burgundy Wigs Look Good?

Burgundy is quite a versatile hair color that mostly looks good on women of every complexion. This hair color is quite popular among brunettes but will also suit perfectly fair, olive, and chocolate complexion.

The Burgundy shade is very noble and will make your skin appear brighter. Therefore, if you are thinking of getting a burgundy wig, you don’t have to worry about it suits your complexion. You might have seen many celebrities wearing burgundy hair on various platforms and occasions.

How to Style Burgundy Wig?

Do you need clarification on how you will style your burgundy wig? If so, let’s discuss the whole styling procedure step-by-step;

1. Assemble Your Tools

Before working on the wig, ensure you have all your tools assembled near you, including a wide-tooth comb, curling iron, or flat iron. Keep everything that you use in your routine near you.

2. Put the Wig on a Wig Stand

Place your completely dried wig on a wig stand and detangle it with the help of a wide-tooth comb. Make sure to keep the combing soft and mild so you don’t pull out any strands of hair.

3. Style the Wig

After efficiently placing the wig on the stand, it will be time to style it. Whether you want wavy, curly hair or straight, use the required tools to style your burgundy wig accordingly. Keep your flat or curling iron at a low temperature so you don’t damage any wig hair while styling them.

4. Don’t Forget to Make Baby Hair

The last step in styling your burgundy wig is to make baby hair. Style your infant hair according to your new hairstyle. This will give your wig a more natural look. Also, consider spraying nutrition oil on your burgundy wig for extra shine and natural elements.


Burgundy is a versatile hair color that suits almost every skin tone, making burgundy wigs quite popular in the market. If you want to experiment with your hair and have a more refreshed look this season, it is time to invest in a nice burgundy wig. Make sure to choose the right burgundy wig and style it properly for an elevated experience.


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