Tips For Acquiring Products From 1688.Com


You have learned that 1688.Com is one of the most respected go-to wholesale as well as outsourcing websites in China. It is also the most popular retail shopping platform available online, which is primarily for manufacturers as well as wholesalers. Suppliers must get government business licenses to be in a position to sell products on this platform.

They also need to pay an annual membership to express their commitment level. Of course, you have also learned that the website is legit. The fee should also signify their level of seriousness. This website is definitely your to-go for online retail business. To be able to order from the website, you must understand the processes involved. You should also comprehend the basic requirements of ordering through this website. Not only is 1688.Com a site for domestic suppliers but foreigners as well. It is also mainly in B2B as well as B2C wholesale and manufacturing platforms for products.

Chinese business professionals use it to find quality products at relatively fair prices. But how do you buy products from Almost 75 percent of business professionals that have used this platform are successful in their businesses. Without a doubt, you will find something that interests you here. But, you also need to be familiar with the tips for acquiring products from 1688.Com. Here are the basics.

Why 1688.Com?


By now, we are confident that almost every business professional is aware of this marketing and buying retail platform. It is probably as famous as Alibaba. But 1688.Com is friendlier, and the products are more affordable. The other difference between the two is the fact that 1688.Com is primarily used for domestic marketing while Alibaba is used for international businesses. Therefore, 1688.Com has the Chinese language specifically for its people. Alibaba is, on the other hand, global. It can be used by people from different parts of the world. There are French, Russian, and Hindi business assistants on this platform.  

Why The Chinese Order Via1688.Com  

The Chinese like to order products via 1688.Com entirely because it is a reliable platform to order from. They also love the low product prices. Trading companies like to purchase from this online platform and then sell them worldwide. Currently, there are approximately 30,000 legit sellers from this platform worldwide. If you want to communicate with the suppliers, you should use the translation button to understand the ordering requirements. You may also need an agent to assist you in the ordering process. We recommend that you find a reliable agent to help with product purchases. After that, you can have the products sent to your address.

Payment Method

Acquiring Products online

There are different payment methods to use when ordering products from 1688.Com. -pick a method that suits you. Here are a few options:

  • You can pay via Wechat
  • You can pay via your bank account
  • Pay via your company’s bank account

However, you should note that 1688.Com does not accept US dollars.


Buyers have to import or export their licenses. An agent will come in handy in assisting you in placing your orders. It would be best if you had them help you in importing your order to the products. We are your reliable agents not just in China but in other parts of the world. We have extensive experience in the business.  

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