Top Practices for Bearing Lubrication Maintenance


Bearing lubrication plays an important role in improving the effectiveness of applications. However, it is done wrongly; it can cause more harm than good. It is common for lubrication to be mislabeled or go old, resulting in problems with your double row roller slewing ring. It is advisable to follow proper lubrication practices and avoid issues and ensure your machinery runs the way it is intended.

Available Bearing Lubrication

You should note that bearing lubrication kits are available in a wide range of sizes. For instance, you can find 5-liter containers to bulk tanks. You do not want to purchase too little or too much lubrication. Therefore, you need to take stock of the facility’s average consumption. The rate can help you determine the amount of lubrication you need for your machines to produce the products you want. Besides, you need to have extra to meet delivery delays and emergency needs. If you do not have historical data for lubrication consumption, you should begin to track it now. The rate can help you forecast when to order lubrication in the future.

Label Bearing Lubrication

A worn-out or wrong label can result in problems such as the use of wrong lubrication or contaminating lubrication, which reduces its effectiveness. Therefore, careful labeling of the containers helps avoid such issues. Ensure that every label is legible and secure upon storage. In this way, you can detect identification problems. You can even create a color code to help you identify your lubrications. For instance, grease can be green; oils can be red, and so on.

Proper Lubrication Storage

As far as lubrication storage is concerned, you have to ensure it is stored in a dry, clean, and cool place. It is advisable to store your lubrication indoors and put in a horizontal position to allow containers to be rotated. Ensure that containers are kept away from the contaminants, such as humidity and dust.

There are situations you cannot store the lubrication indoors. In such a case, you should keep containers sheltered different elements and track your usage. Remember that lubrication that is kept outdoors goes bad easily. Therefore, you do not want to order and risk making more losses.

Monitor Lubrication Shelf Life

As you know, lubrication cannot last forever. Every container label ought to have a shelf life. If this is not labeled, you can find the information from the supplier or the manufacturer of bearings. Keep track of the dates, so to know the lubrication to use first and when to use it. In this way, you can limit losses that arise from wastage of lubrication or going bad. Also, you will know when to order the next batch of lubrication.

You should note that the lubrication shelf life is based on optimal conditions. Therefore, if you store the lubrication in conditions that are less ideal, your product will become less effective earlier than it should. Also, you need to follow appropriate lubrication maintenance practices that can help keep the bearing and applications running smoothly. If you are not sure which bearing lubrication to use, you should contact your bearing supplier.

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