Mistakes Dog Owners Need to Abandon


Pet parenting may sound rosy and full of cuddles, but it isn’t usually as fancy as it may sound. As a dog owner, you may be going out of your way to make your pup live their best life but are you doing the right thing? In your effort to be a responsible dog parent, you could be making several mistakes that you can easily avoid. This article will help you identify some errors you may be unknowingly committing in your pet ownership. You can also learn how to do obedience dog training to help improve your pet’s behavior.

1. Neglecting basic exercises and daily walks

A little stretch of the muscles is as good for your dog as it is for you. How often do you walk your dog or do simple activities like play catch? Some dog owners aren’t well informed on the amount of exercise their dog breed needs.

Different dog breeds have different energy levels, don’t under-exercise your terrier because it’s of a little build. You’d be surprised it needs more exercise than your neighbor’s Labrador. A 30-minute walk a day will be an excellent way to start. If the pet appears exhausted before or after the time is up, that’s the guideline to stick with.

 A dog that chews on random stuff could be a sign that he is bored and requires some activity.

2. Not enough vet visits

As a pet parent, you shouldn’t have to wait till your dog falls ill to visit the vet. Dogs can’t talk, and they may not always express how they feel until they can no longer bear it. Routine checkups may sound dull and inconvenient, but they are the only way for vets to detect and prevent any health issues that the dog may have.

3. Inadequate training; letting your dog get away with everything

Some dogs have their owners wrapped around their fingers; they get away with everything, mostly bad habits.

For example, dogs aren’t generally allowed in kitchen spaces, but the last time you tried to get little Dex out of the kitchen, he looked at you pitifully or snarled at you, and you let him stay.

That isn’t the way to go. Dogs are like little children; they’ll do whatever you let them do. You should be able to take a strong stand when enhancing rules. Don’t budge until it is adhered to.

4. Overfeeding

Yes, dogs can be obese too. You may be in the habit of feeding your dog every other time, well, with good intentions. What you may not know is, if the practice goes uncontrolled, the pet may suffer from several obesity-related conditions, including diabetes and musculoskeletal problems.

You can treat your pet to a snack now and then, that’s fine, but please, make sure to give them a balanced diet coupled with a significant amount of exercise.

5. Late training

Many pet owners wait until their dogs are much older to train them, thinking they won’t understand as puppies. Well, you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. Please don’t wait until your husky is nasty to try and tame him. If they know to run away from the rain, they can learn not to pee on the carpet.

Final Thoughts

Like ownership of any kind, dog ownership comes with responsibilities. In your effort to be the best owner to your dog, you may knowingly or unknowingly commit the above mistakes. Now that you know they aren’t healthy habits for your dog, you may kindly consider making them better.

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