Tips To Consider Before Purchasing Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Irobot vacuum cleaner

Cleaning your house is one of the chores you must do. However, there are convenient ways to clean your home without hustle. In recent years, the use of robot vacuum cleaner has become common.  It allows you to concentrate on other duties as it cleans on its own.

Vacuum cleaners must have disposable bags, and an example of the best disposable bag is the iRobot Roomba i7 bags. It is packed with six disposable bags, and it is not limited to one type of robot but is convenient for other robot vacuums too.

Features of a robot vacuum cleaner

  • Cleaning brushes

Cleaning brushes are on the downside of the vacuum. It rolls collecting debris and all dust into its dust bin. The brushes are long and distributed to sweep dust towards the robot vacuum’s opening. This opening is adjacently behind the brush roll, and it sucks all dust and debris swept towards it. The dirt is then funneled into dustbin which carries between 200 and 500 cm3 in capacity.

  • Sensor and navigation

The most robot vacuum cleaner has an infrared sensor that helps navigate around a room. Others have a bumper mounted sensor that helps identify when the robot comes close to a wall, stairs, or other objects in the place.

Irobot roomba robot vacuum cleaner

Some vacuums have an optical sensor located near its wheels, and it calculates how long it has rotated around the room and how far it has covered.

  • Vacuum design

Robotic vacuums have a plastic, durable shell that protects the electronics housed inside from damage. Most robots are designed in a circular, but recently, the manufacturer is modifying the shape so that the vacuum will reach all corners. A typical form is a D-shaped robot that has improved cleaning corners.

How robotic vacuum cleaner functions

It starts by charging. You have to instruct it to start cleaning by pressing a button on the device or using an app on your phone that communicates via Wi-Fi with the robot.

The robotic vacuum will use its sensors and wheels to navigate through the house. As it cleans, it will map the area it has gone through for you to view.

However, all robot doesn’t use the same method of cleaning as manufacturers are different.

  • Wall follows the robot move along with the wall cleaning until it circulates back to start point.
  • Spiral movement, the robot goes around until it bounces on an object or wall
  • Stuck, if the robot reaches an end it will try to move back or any direct so long as it frees itself and continue cleaning
  • Straight, the device  move straight until it comes into contact with an object which is when it turns and remain in a straight line
robot vacuum cleaner bag

Take away    

Most robot vacuum cleaner return to charging station when it run down on power. Nonetheless, they need maintenance. The device might not return to its charge station, and it will require you to charge them. Additionally, you need to empty the dustbin regularly. It is essential to go through robot vacuum cleaner reviews to help you decide on the best.


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