Top 5 Key Considerations To Finding The Perfect Water Filter To Invest In

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Sewage bursts, hurricanes, flash floods, poor construction of water systems are some of the reasons for contaminants seeping into the water lines. As you cannot go without using or drinking water, finding a permanent solution, and ensuring that you always have clean water to use is imperative. One way to do this is by investing in high-quality water filter like the DA97-17376B.  To ensure that a water filter system works for you, below are top 5 considerations to keep in mind.

  • Whole House Or Drinking Water Filter 

Before settling on a water filter to invest in, take time, and consider the type you want to be installed. You can have the water filter system installed at your kitchen sink or any point where the filters purify the water for your whole house. If you have a relatively clean supply of water, just filtering the kitchen sink will be sufficient as it provides added protection to your cooking and drinking water. However, if you are unsure of how safe your water is, it’s best to invest in a complete home water filter system.

  • Kind Of Water Source To Be Serviced By Your Water Filter

Focus on how safe your water is by determining the source of your water. Unfortunately, though city piped waters are treated before being piped; hundreds of contaminants that are not regulated find their way into the system. Additionally, ruptured pipes place you at risk of drinking sewer water. On the other hand, private wells are known to have bacterium like e-Coli and coliform, which are dangerous. Due to the difference in contaminants, looking at the source allows you to narrow down the kind of domestic water filter to invest in.

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  • Flow Rate Of The Water Filter System

Determine the maximum flow rate that you need at peak hours in your house. To do this, determine how much water you use at the busiest time in your home. The capacity will allow you to know the average flow through time that water filter should have. As a result, it enables you to know the size of the home water filter system you need to invest in.

  • The Water Filter Capacity

Determine the capacity you need, depending on how many people are in the household. Knowing the number of people will allow you to know the household water usage.  As expected, the average figure will allow you to purchase a large enough whole house water filter system to use hence avoid investing in a system that will lag or be insufficient.

  • Type Of Contaminants Your Water Filter System Will Deal With

Finally, consider the specific contaminants in your drinking water filter. Conduct a water test to know the pesticides, chlorine, nitrates, nitrites, and metal contaminants that exist in your piped water. Evaluating your water will allow you to know what kind of water filter system you need for your home.


Before looking at specific water filter system to invest in, take time, and jot down what you require from a water system. Ensure that the kind of water filter system you choose is compatible and takes care of your immediate needs, doing this allows you to invest in high-quality water filter system like the DA97-17376B that will serve you for a long time; providing clean drinking and cooking water for use.


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