Do You Know Why You Should Start using Wax

wax the floor

High traffic areas like hospitals and public offices are prone to dirt and therefore need a lot of cleaning. Nonetheless, cleaning your floors regularly will leave then not shiny and unattractive. Consequently, it is essential to invest in wax for polishing your floors because it is environmentally friendly and versatile.

If your floors are not waxed, they ware out too fast. However, check Tianshi wax, they have been in the industry for a long time and stand a better chance to offer a wide range of waxes for different uses. A waxed floor will maintain its sheen and quality even without much cleaning.

Why invest in floor wax

  • Anti-slipping benefit     

Waxes allow two surfaces to grind over each other without causing mechanical damage. There is a different state of waxes, but the solid-state wax is better for anti-slippery properties. The harder the wax is, the higher the slip level. Waxes derived from paraffin, do liquidify fast quickly and therefore, it is not suitable for slip prevention. Thus, ask for industrial wax for floors from your supplier.

  • Water repellency

Water resistance refers to the ability of a surface, to water prevention. For example, some houses are built with concrete at the top that acts as a roof. In such a case, it is easy for water to settle on those tops for so long and later penetrate the concrete. In such a case, use paraffin wax because it penetrates through the pores and fissures, giving the concrete quality hydrophobic effect.  Additionally, choose your wax depending on how long you want to protect the surface from water penetration.

  • Abrasion resistance

Waxes should resist damage from erosion, scrapping, and rubbing. Wax can create abrasion resistance by combining its properties, which include strength, hardness, particle size, lubricity, and elasticity.

  • Anti-blocking

Imagine you have just painted a window and closed it. After some time, it will be hard to open that same window because the paint will have struck the two metal sides after drying. But, if you used wax over the color and closed your window, you will not have trouble opening the window later.

Therefore, the wax is an essential agent for the anti-sticking property. You can use it where you are painting a lot of windows or items that need to be stored together. The wax will prevent the elements from getting stuck onto each other after the paint has dried up.

  • Polishing your furniture

Wax can be used to give your furniture a shiny look. Even after many years of use, your furniture will still look beautiful and protected from insects that destroy the wood. But, always be cautious on the types of waxing state you will use.

  • Shoe polish

Wax can be added to your shoe polish to add the sheen effect. The wax in the polish has water resistance property, and therefore, the material of your shoes will remain protected from water penetration. This best works when you need to protect your leather shoes from water penetration.

wax shoes

Take away

It is essential to choose the right waxing products for maximum performance and efficiency. You can not purchase solid based wax for water resistance purpose yet you can use a better option which is paraffin based wax. Tianshi wax has a variety of waxes, and you can be sure to use their advice before you purchase your wax.

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