Are Human Hair Wigs Better than Synthetic Hair?


If you are getting a wig with the aim to pull it off as your real hair, you should invest your money in human hair wigs instead of synthetic hair wigs. As the name puts it, this wig is made out of virgin human hair – meaning real human hair that has not gone through any coloring or treatment.

Because they look and feel like real human hair, you can expect them to be more expensive than synthetic wigs. But is it worth the higher price tag?

Human hair wigs vs. synthetic hair wigs

The major difference between the two is the material. As mentioned earlier, human hair wigs are made out of real human hair while synthetic hair wigs are made out of acrylic or plastic fibers made to mimic human hair.


When it comes to styling, synthetic hair wigs have an upper hand because they are better at holding a hairstyle for a long time – even when you wash it. Human hair wigs have to be re-styled after you wash them – just like real human hair.

Natural look

When it comes to pulling off a natural look, synthetic hair wigs are more obvious compared to human hair wigs. This is because most of them have a shine that is unnatural in human hair. Unless you choose a high-end brand, you can expect people to be able to tell that you are not wearing your natural hair.


Synthetic wigs should be used every six uses. Human hair wigs should be treated like real hair so you have to wash them more often.


Human hair wigs last longer compared to synthetic hair wigs. If you use human hair wigs every day, they can last a year or more. Synthetic wigs will last about four to six months if you use them every day.

Types of human hair wigs

There are four basic types of human hair that you can get for wigs: Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, and Caucasian. The most common source for human hair is from Asia while the most limited is the Caucasian ones.


Chinese hair is best if you want to have extremely straight hair. They are harder to style and curl because of the fineness of their hair.


Indonesian hair is most abundant in supply and it is also the cheapest type of human hair you can get. They are often used in ethnic-style wigs.


Indian hair is thinner like Caucasian hair but with more texture for easy styling. This makes them easier to style compared to the latter.


This is the most sought-after type of human hair wigs because of its fine texture. Because the supply is limited, it is also the most expensive.

Cost of human hair wigs

The origin of the hair is just one of the factors that can affect the overall price of human hair wigs. The process the hair has to go through will also be a factor.

Did you know that not all human hair wigs are virgin hair? Some have to go through chemicals for sanitation purposes and to strip away the original color to produce wigs of other colors and styles. The more chemicals and treatment involved in the process, the higher the price will be.

Last thoughts

Do not let the higher price tag throw you off. When it comes to durability and quality, human hair wigs are definitely the superior choice.

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