Where Should You Place Your 3D Printer?


You may not have thought about it until now. You could also have done an excellent job of buying the famous 3D printer for yourself. No, you have not made a terrible mistake. 3D printing is clearly the future.

You might have bought yourself a quality product from JGMaker and now the worry of where to place your new 3D printer is buzzing in your head.

It is a good thing that you are asking this question. This because there are places where you should not place your 3D printer.

Keeping your 3D printer on some surfaces without proper ventilation can come back to bite you. The bite can cause serious health problems. That is not a problem anyone wants for themselves.

So where should you put your 3D printer instead? Here are a few tips to help you make the best of your 3D printer without risking your health and that of your family.

3D Printing- Best Places to Keep your 3D Printer

1. A Flat Surface

This might seem pretty obvious, but it is not always the same for the understanding of everyone. Some might assume that a surface is flat enough even though it is not exactly flat.

You should make sure you place your 3D printer on a flat surface. The surface should be as flat as humanly possible.

Everyone should know that the 3D printer works best when on a flat surface and when they are in a stable position, not moving.

This because many 3D printers are sensitive when moving. So, every time you move your 3D printer to a new location, it is best to check the z-axis height as well as the print bed of the machine.

2. Beneath Hanging Items

You should not place your 3D printer under any hanging item. This is because, during the process of 3D printing, the 3D printer will get hot.

Anything overhanging can get damaged by the heat from the 3D printer. Things like a curtain, paintings, and any other article that will most likely be hanging.

Keep things away. Anything that will blow into the printer or anything that can be damaged from the fumes or heat that the printer gives off should be kept away.

To avoid any of these problems, make sure you watch where you place your 3D printer. Properly evaluate the location before making the decision.

3. Adequate Ventilation

Many people might not know. Depending on the material you wish to start your printing with, adequate ventilation is important and required, and for good reasons.

When using your 3D printer, some particles are given off. With time and the accumulation of these particles in the body, health problems can arise.

This is why it is best to place your 3D printer in a room with adequate ventilation. This will save you and your family the disturbing health problems.

4. Sunlight and filaments

Placing your 3D printer close to the window seems like a good idea, but you need to consider the effect of the sunlight on your filaments.

Experience has shown that leaving your filaments installed in the presence of sunlight can cause moisture ingress. Sunlight destroys the printer filament.


These tips are necessary if you want to enjoy the long-lasting service time of your 3D printer. You should also follow these tips if you want your 3D printer to produce the expected quality.

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