Your Ultimate List of the Best Twitter Ideas


With over a billion users on the internet, Twitter is the second most prominent social media tool. Its users often rack up tons of retweets, watching hundreds of hours of videos daily. The platform is also well structured, meaning with the right strategy on Twitter, you can attain a fantastic SEO boost to grow your brand and later audience. If you are ready to start but still struggling to establish precisely what twitter videos are about, here is a list of popular video ideas to help kickstart your social media adventure before you purchase followers.

1. Introducing yourself

It would be best if you introduced yourself, and the only way to achieve that is by creating an introductory post of yourself. If you feel Tweets won’t say it all, or they will be too many to capture your points. Tell your audience who you are and what they should expect to read from your posts. Secondly, let them know what to expect in terms of service provision. Lastly, ensure that your video is followed by some hasttag you intend to push on during your introduction.

2. Introduce your brand

Introduce your brand for the masses to comprehend what you are bringing on board. Suppose you are a small business owner with a great personality; you should consider starting a page to help build your brand while promoting its message to personalize the business and build credibility succinctly.

You can also help demonstrate products, but do not forget to speak with confidence as you boost the brand’s recognition. That way, you will reach out and create a virtual relationship with the customers. The point is to ensure your short brand introduction videos give your followers or viewers a full scope of your products or services.

3. Meeting the team

Twitter is a great social marketing tool. You can use it to create a video of what you are selling. Before that, you should create a video introducing yourself and the team you are working with to your followers. Seeing the names and perhaps faces behind the business helps consumers develop a personal connection with the company. Some will even grow confident in the business after realizing the brains behind your business.

4. Set goals

Succeeding on any social media platform means you must have measurable and clear goals. There is no definite way to know whether your strategy will positively impact your brand unless you have a better understanding of what you need to achieve.

Develop SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. “Going viral” on Twitter doesn’t count. Your goals must align with your business’s objectives, and they should be broken down into measurable indicators that will yield success.

Final Thoughts

There is no success without commitment. Building an exciting as well as engaging social media page is a huge responsibility. The tasks are time-consuming as they require a lot of dedication and effort. If you would like to advertise your Twitter page correctly, it can be priced higher. But developing a Twitter page does not happen overnight. There is a struggle where becoming prominent on the crowded platform is a necessity.

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