Discover Amazing Facts About Soy Wax


Soy wax has quickly gained popularity over the last few years in the candle making industry. The wax is made from soybeans through a high heat process in the presence of a Nickel catalyst. After manufacturing, soy wax is packaged and sold.Soy wax wholesale is the primary way that candle makers get access to this exquisite wax. This article informs you of all the essential facts you need to know about before you buy soy wax.

Benefits of Soy wax

Like many other products, soy wax has a reputation that precedes it. The benefits of soy wax have turned many wax customers into loyal customers. Some of the benefits of soy wax over cheaper waxes like paraffin wax include:

  • Soy wax is a natural, organic product. Since it is extracted from soybeans, they are a renewable resource.
  • Some candles produce soot that, when inhaled, can lead to health complications. Soy wax candles do not emit any toxic fumes making it perfectly healthy to burn.
  • Soy wax burnswithout making any sooty smoke, which paraffin wax makes when burning.
  • Soy wax flakes are easier to work with in terms of measuring and molding than traditional slabs of paraffin wax that had to be cut up to be measured.
  • Soy bought from the farmer to manufacture the soy wax helps the farmer sustain himself and his family.

Soy wax blends

Just Like any other wax, soy wax can be blended with additives to improve quality. Specific blends offer longer-lasting candles, while different soy wax blends will have a better infusion rate than pure soy wax candles. You should note that a wax blend can only be termed as a soy wax blend if it contains 51% soy wax. Here are a few blends that you might find interesting.

Paraffin and Soy wax

Soy and paraffin waxes are compatible. Paraffin and soy blends are often aimed at getting the best qualities from each of the waxes to make a superior product. This blend is quite common in the industry. Paraffin is added to a formula when the candle maker is not satisfied with the candle’s scent output. These blends hold an impressive 2 oz. of fragrance making it the perfect combination for scented candles.

Soy wax blended with coconut oils

A soy and coconut oil blend is perfect for your home because of its light scent. It also helps that the mix is not expensive. Coconuts oils help harden soy wax, which is prone to developing wet spots. This blend will withstand temperature shifts, which make it perfect to use all year round

Soy and bee wax blend

Bee wax is denser than soy wax. On its own, bee wax has a brighter and warmer burn compared to other candle waxes. A blend of soy and bee wax gives a bright flame from the candle and lasts longer. The combination also offers strong candles that do not break or dent easily.

In Conclusion

Whether you are a candle maker or a candle enthusiast, you should buy soy wax candles or pure soy wax to try out these fantastic blends. Once you holm in on perfect mixing proportion, you can make candles for your friends and loved ones as gifts for holidays, birthdays, and even housewarming gifts. One thing is certain; you can not go wrong with soy wax candles.


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