Why is a roof top tent popular?

rooftop tent

Have you seen a tent on top of a vehicle? That is a roof top tent. Campers are now opting for RTTs instead of the more previously used ground tents.

Why is it so? What is making the roof top tent popular?

No more mud

When you sleep on a roof top tent, you don’t have to worry about mud or waking up lying in a puddle after the rains.

With the tent, you sleep on your vehicle’s top which you access using a ladder.

No more dealing with dirt that may enter your tent. So if your camping ground has dust or sand, you can brush it off before you climb the ladder to the roof top tent.

Being above the ground also means that you can catch a breeze, have a better view of the surrounding and get better ventilation.

You Feel Secure

Have you ever camped on a ground tent and feared being attacked by wild animals or worried that a snake would enter your tent? It is not so with these RTTs.

Since it is on top, it may not get inside the tent. Just take out the ladder when you get in. It will deter any animal including squirrels from climbing up.

Also, there are slim chances that someone can come and steal your camping gear as you sleep.

They Are Durable

The roof top tents are made using durable materials. As such, they can withstand the elements of weather. You don’t have to worry about the tent being ripped off from the ground by strong wind or damaged by hail.

Most RTTs have a fiberglass panel that is resistant to most weather elements. Those whose sides are made of the canvas have a more durable canvas that cannot be damaged easily. They are also constructed using aluminum and steel.

On the other hand, ground tents are made using lightweight materials that are prone to damage by rain, wind or snow.


Have you ever slept in a ground tent? Then you know it can be uncomfortable. The ground is rough and may have bumps from rocks, which can make your sleeping uncomfortable since your air mattress or sleeping bag may not cushion you much.

Sleeping in an RTT is comfortable. The sleeping ground is smooth given that it is made of fiberglass, so you don’t have to worry about rocks pressing on you. Besides, the tents have a high-density foam mattress which guarantees your comfort.

Sets Up Easily

Setting up a roof top tent is easy especially if yours is a hard-top tent. All you need is to find a leveled ground, pack the car and open the tent.

It may you a few more minutes to set up a soft-top tent because you have to remove its cover and unfold. However, it is still easy.

If you compare with setting up a tent on the ground, it is a walk in the park and involves a lot of hassle. First, you need to find a good camping spot, unpack the tent, and set it up. It can take more than an hour.


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