Whether or Not Arm Compression Sleeves Work


In sports, recovery is the needed period after an athlete’s performance dedicated to helping them gain their reproductivity. Muscle recovery focuses on an athlete’s attention on their hands. This is important to preserving their health. Similarly, the arm compression sleeves play a critical role in reiterating the athlete’s performance. Sometimes the apparel is used for shorter periods and requires an ideal recovery between all events.

The treatment framework of compressed arm sleeves

Within the treatment framework and following their priorities, the interests for compression apparel is continuing to rise. An external pressure applied to the muscles reduces venous pooling while lowering the lactate concentration of blood in the muscles. This is primarily during as well as after exercise.

The pressure, which is linked to the reduction of shock waves produced during exercise and physical exercise, decreases the risks of developing wounds. The same is true for forearm perfusion flow, particularly when applying a local compression that amounts to 20mm HG. That said, a reasonable tissue perfusion rate can improve muscle recovery after exercise.

External compression on muscles

Thus, the arms’ external compression after using custom compression arm sleeves should affect tissue oxygen saturation. This is during the recovery period following a physical exercise. In turn, it may improve the subsequent performance of the athlete.

Research and testing

Researchers tested the hypothesis that calf compression sleeves have high chances of increasing running performance to determine the effects of compression arm sleeves on muscles. Experts used Near Infrared Spectroscopy to determine the StO 2 at rest before a running exercise and the recovery period.

Exercise and long-term effects

Thus, to highlight external compression impacts, the physical exercise was split into two major phases- researchers conducted an initial exercise based on the first tire subject. They calculated the running time and determined the exhaustion time.

Further, during that exercise, athletes performed without their CS. The experts then secured the probe on a clear skin surface with tape and without enclosing the calf. The experts fixed the probe by placing it between the skin and the CS. This happened at the end of every session.

The pressure applied to the human skin activated a non-nociceptive skin receptor found in the tissue layers underlying the surface. The experiment observed that the flow of skin impacts the NIRS measures of muscle oxygen saturation.

Changes in biomechanics

Muscle oxygenation always increases in compressed arm sleeves compared to the non-compressed sleeves. Wearing a CS is often associated with a higher aerial time coupled with vertical leg stiffness.


Compression therapy is useful for training venous pathologies like deep vein thrombosis. The use of compression sleeves is essential to reducing the diameter of the limbs. As such, the velocity of the muscle increase. This encourages blood flow into the heart. It also reduces pooling.

Final Thoughts

Various studies continue to demonstrate a rise in the mean deep venous velocity. An improved venous return in several patients is associated with the use of arm sleeve compressors. The application of compression garments, especially in sports, is becoming popular because of claims that they improve recovery from exercises.

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