How to become a famous YouTuber


For most people, starting a YouTube channel isn’t always as easy as it seems at first. But for others, starting and becoming popular on this platform is an easy walkover. It all starts by gaining at least one “famousfollower“. With this, you can attract people to your YouTube channel and also, again as much popularity as you want. In this article, we will take a look at some of the steps to becoming one of the most sought-after YouTubers in your niche. Let’s get in!

Steps to becoming famous on YouTube

Becoming famous on YouTube should be much easier when you must have understood the steps involved in it. That said, here are the top ways to attain popularity on YouTube:

Define your monetary goals

The major reason why most people sort popularity on YouTube is for the monetary gains that it comes with. in this case, you need to have a clear picture of the kind of money you want to make from this platform. This would help you channel the right energy to the right sources – gaining massive followership, shares, likes, or even all!. Whatever you end up deciding should be able to have all your focus placed on it.

Define your content type

As you already know, YouTube mainly features video content. There are tons of bad views that you can find on the platform bit if you can step in with your game plan, things might be a little different. Always ensure that you aren’t in a hurry to create content; consider this your job that you should give your all. What kind of voice do you want to be heard in? What audience are you trying to talk to?…

In the end, you should always try to be yourself as this will be the only way to deliver your content effortlessly.

Develop a plan

When you’re done with defining your type. of content, develop a realistic plan on how you want to go about executing your content. You need to think of it as a business plan. Ensure that you have a set of standards that you have set for your channel. You can start by creating a checklist that would contain the list of equipment, your posting hours, etc. If you have anyone else you want to be on the channel, this should be the best time to contact them.

Focus on SEO

The importance of creating an SEO strategy cannot be overemphasized. It doesn’t always have to end in creating videos; find out the most search keyword in your industry, and think of how to embed them in your videos. This helps to boost your chances of getting seen and heard on YouTube.

Apply Consistency

Developing great content is good. But, maintaining Consistency is a different thing that requires a high level of discipline. A good number of blogs that you’ve read in the past will always emphasize this point. This is mostly because to gain the type of popularity that you seek on YouTube, you must first bear in mind that consistency is a top key to achieving that. Whatever it is you’re doing, keep doing it.


In all, always learn to study your analytics as it plays a role in showing you insights on the number of people who view and also engaged your content. Ensure to focus on your goals and watch your channel gain a massive increase.

Good luck.

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