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https://savecalculator.com/To truly understand how fast technology is changing the human landscape, one only needs to take a look at the evolution of counting tools and devices. From the Egyptian Abacus first used in 2000BC to the smartphones and online calculators used today, humanity is making rapid progress in the world of computing and technology. From bulky, mechanical devices to the present tiny gadgets that fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, calculators have drastically changed how we handle numbers and calculations, lowering the time it takes to arrive at the correct answer in any computation. Devices like the everyday pocket calculator evolved over the decades, reaching their present form in the 90s. Let’s focus on the features of excellent online calculators(have a look at some types at OnlineCalculators).

The mechanical age of calculators

The Abacus was a device utilized by Sumerians and Egyptians at around 2000BC, it was mechanical, and it contained mostly beads mounted on rods. The frame held up the series of rods containing ten beads each. As soon as the Abacus user had slid all the beads along the first rod in sequence, he could then move on to the next rod in the design. The first rod depicted tens, the second hundreds, the third thousands, and so forth.

By 1877, hand-cranked counting machines like the Grant Mechanical Calculating Machine and the P100 Burroughs Adding Machine were all the rage. By the 1940s, mechanical calculators like the Curta calculator had become more compact and reliable.

The electronic age of calculators

The first electronic calculators arose from a need to calculate the trigonometry of dropping bombs from extreme heights, including 30,000 feet. By 1946, the ENIAC was created as a digital artillery firing angle calculator and a simple calculator. In 1961, electronic desktop calculators such as ANITA were developed.

After this came the transition-tube calculators such as the Toscal BC-1411 from Toshiba and the Olivetti Programma 101. In the 1970s, microchips had taken over, leading up to the modern calculator designs.

Features of an excellent online calculator

The best-in-class online calculators have many embedded features, including tools such as Debt to Equity Ratio calculators, Logarithm calculators, Piggyback Loan calculators, and commission calculators.

  • Flesch Kincaid Calculator

This unique online calculator is used to output a text’s US grade school level to gauge how readable text is to a high school student at that grade level.

  • Discount calculators

These are online calculators that let you calculate the reduced price of a service or product, and display the total amount of money you are likely to save in the transaction. Alternatively, you can use the discount calculators to find the size of the discount or even derive the original price.

  • Debt-to-equity ratio calculators

These are calculators that allow users to calculate how much debt they or their businesses are carrying compared to the amount they originally invested, i.e., the measure of liabilities the person or company has for every dollar of the person’s equity.

  • Logarithm calculators

These online calculators help you derive the solution to logarithmic equations by following a systematic procedure.

  • Piggyback Loan calculators

This is a unique calculator designed to help you compare various mortgage offerings and select the one that best fits your financial situation.


Calculators have had a long and storied history, from the bulky, unreliable, mechanical devices of before, to the modern wonders of software that are online calculators. Despite the slow progress at first, calculators today incorporate an unbelievable range of functions, from solving simple square roots and divisions to calculating heat indices and Bradford Factors online.

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