What are the most essential features in a bathroom?


Bathroom designs have gone beyond the usual traditional casual look they used to have. Modern-day advancement has heightened the exposure to household accessories that tones up the interior décor in homes. As such, you should explore your chances of creating a fantastic bathroom scenery by making deliberate choices of some of these accessories.

This article walks you through top bathroom fittings to consider in giving your bathroom elegance and stunning look.

Bathroom Mirrors.

Consciously or unconsciously, bathroom mirrors are fixtures you mostly look out for when using any new bathroom. You can’t downplay its importance as it serves more than one purpose, ranging from tooth brushing to self-beautification uses. These daily activities require you choose mirrors that serve such function. Interestingly, advanced tech mirrors like the LED mirrors, which have lighting incorporated in its design, are luxurious options available to you. With such tech options available, your daily routines before the mirror would become easy tasks.

Bathroom Basins.

The functions of bathroom basins have also evolved from the handwashing purpose it used to serve to a well-crafted luxury design in the bathroom. The bowls range from simple countertop designs to a more sophisticated semi-recessed basin. These styles all suit different purposes, depending on your purchase considerations. The bathroom basins are also a necessity for your bathroom, being that they flush seamlessly with other bathroom fittings. Consequently, the blend gives your bathroom an exquisite look.

Bathroom Lightings.

Asides its aesthetic use, the right blend of bathroom lightning triggers different emotions. One such emotion is the pleasant feeling you get while using your bathroom under the bathroom’s low-intensity lights. The modern wall, shower, ceiling, and mirror lights all combine to create an atmosphere of relaxation.

Bathroom Shelves.

Your choice of bathroom shelves further speaks volumes of your taste, as there are various styles available to you. These platforms are made of materials like glass, ceramics, metal, etc. the bathroom shelves house your toothbrush and shaving kits. For a much larger bathroom, larger shelves could house much more; like, interior decorations that give the bathroom a facelift, and storage of your makeup kits. Other designs also include towel hangers, which serves the function of drying after use.

Towel Rings.

Towel rings are mainly designed to provide easy access to your towel while making use of the bathroom. They also serve drying function as there are lengthy rail fabrications that serve such dual purposes. The towel rings should be consciously chosen to complete the ideal bathroom look.

Extractor Fans.

Being a place where you get to use a lot of water, the extractor fans are designed to reduce dampness to the barest minimum. This extraction is achievable by fixing the fans in windows or walls to create an outlet.

Final Thought

Bathroom fittings are not only restricted to serve functional purposes alone. A proper match of these accessories should create a classy and stunning bathroom atmosphere. With the several variants of accessories available, you are provided with choices that will help you bring your dream bathroom to life.


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