The most popular versions of prefabricated homes

prefabricated homes

In total, up to 15% of all materials used in new home-building end up as waste. Thus, to stay in line with sustainable development goals, home builders are encouraged to re-use the unused or surplus items. Modern-day “building systems” or prefabricated homes have become an architectural phenomenon. As a homeowner, you get customized home solutions that are also efficient in energy consumption. Prefab homes also cost much less than traditionally built houses.

Prefab container homes are usually safe, tidy, and cleaner than most regular homes. Usually, light steel structures are converted into dormitories. Most come with enhanced stability, great appearance, little space consumption, and high mobility. One of the best features of prefabricated homes is that they can be set up in any environment, including riverside, grassland, hillsides, and deserts. To make this better, prefabricated homes can also be designed and developed precisely according to customer requirements. Let’s take a look at the types of prefabricated homes.

Benefits of prefabricated homes

Prefabricated homes can be designed and built offsite and then later delivered to the owner, who then assembles his new abode. Some of the advantages of prefabricated homes include:

  1. Suitability to remote locations – prefabricated homes are the best choice for future homeowners who reside in remote locations. The homes are built at the manufacturer’s site and then delivered to the owner. This removes the need for contractors with many requirements who may refuse to come out to the client site.
  2. Fast setup times – Prefab homes can be built and assembled in very little time.
  3. Prefabs are durable – The fact that prefabs need to have their frames strengthened for transportation means that they also possess high durability.
  4. Prefabricated homes are the best for environmental sustainability – prefabs take up to 40% less material to construct compared to regularly built houses. They also feature energy efficiency, promoting sustainable construction methods. The factories where prefab houses are made feature controlled environments. The environments have enhanced air filtration and enhance wall insulation and tighter joints.
  5. Financial savings – the modular construction design of prefabricated homes ensures that all budgets and price points are targeted. Bulk discounts are also available for prefab manufacturers. Through prefabrication, a client can avoid unreliable builders and staff. Reduced construction time also leads to an overall reduction in project cost.
  6. Consistent quality – prefabricated home parts are built-in factory settings, meaning that each component is designed according to a standard. The sub-components will all be built according to a uniform quality standard too.

Types of prefab homes

  1. Modular homes – consist of units/modules that are prebuilt at a factory and then assembled at the client site. This option utilizes more expensive materials and tends to be bigger than manufactured homes. Modular homes feature a large variety of customization options like antique floor tiling and granite countertops. Modular homes do not incorporate steel frames but use wooden beams with added steel posts for support. Two categories of modular homes are panelized and pre-cut homes.
  2. Shipping container homes – these are homes explicitly made from used shipping containers. The different sections of the shipping container house can be welded together according to architectural specifications.


Prefabricated homes are a unique solution to client housing needs. They include manufactured homes and modular homes which offer more sustainability, improved flexibility, and consistent design and implementation.

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