Benefits of using CCELL cartridges


Ever since some states in the U.S. allowed cannabis to be used for medical and even recreational purposes, the country has seen a steady increase in the growth and production of these products. A large number of concentrated products like cannabis oil are majestically paving the way for other products to follow.

Cannabis oil isn’t the only one stealing the spotlight. Other products have grown to be widely accepted and used alongside it, like the vaporizer cartridges which are filled with highly concentrated cannabis oils.

Although we have seen a steady rise in the use of vaporizer carts, the technology behind it hasn’t been perfected yet, so the vaporizer does not carry out what it is supposed to.  This leaves users faced with a lot of problems.  A lot of them complain either about oils that do not properly vaporize or about leaking cartridges.

If you are a consistent vape user that loves trying different products, you must have probably encountered one or both problems.

This has made a lot of vape manufacturing companies lose money because when customers lose interest and feel that they didn’t get value for their money, the chances of future patronage are very low. Thus, the company begins to lose slow but steady revenue.  

However, there is hope…

For processors to get profit from their carefully prepared concentrates and users to get value from the products they purchase, high-level technology has to be employed. They have to use dependable ceramic heating elements, and no other has been proven worthy except CCELL cartridges.

Still in doubt? Tried a bunch of products but it didn’t work out?

Well, here are two benefits of using the CCELL cartridges:

  • It doesn’t use a wick: This is, perhaps, the only reason you need to get a CCELL cartridge. Other cartridges consist of wicks made of cotton as heating elements, but the bad thing about them is that these wicks burn at very high temperatures. As it burns, consumers can no longer feel the sweet cannabis flavor that the manufacturer has suffered hard to produce.

But with the CCELL cartridge, stability is assured. The heating elements have high thermal endurance, so it tends to absorb and spread the heat more evenly. These heating elements are also designed with a special formula, so it doesn’t burn out as others do.

  • It has much fewer leaks: That’s 99% of a vape user’s problem solved right there! A lot of cannabis oil cartridges produce cotton-like vapor. Others leave their users exhaling plumes. Some are even so dangerous that they do both!

CCELL heating elements are designed in such a way that they have very tiny inlet holes that allow distillates and cannabis oils to pass through. These help them to absorb, store and flush out these substances properly.

Their level of permeability, therefore, makes it very difficult for excess to leak out.

Still in doubt? I doubt.


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