Everything you should know about the Japanese samurai

Japanese Samurai

The Japanese samurai were a group of elite warriors. They majorly make use of swords in their duties. Most importantly, the samurai were bound by certain codes. Becoming a samurai was an extreme honour and a privilege. All those who eventually became samurai were pillars of their communities and were looked up to. They could be said to be similar to the English knights. The Japanese knight made use of swords. This is because swords were considered to be the ideal weapon for the nobleman. This opinion is still shared by many today.

Since time immemorial the samurai sword is one which is uniquely marked by its air of elegance. Samurai swords were treated as the life of the samurai. A samurai would be buried with his sword after his death. Today, numerous samurai swords have been collected and preserved. These swords symbolise the spirit of the samurai.

The Japanese samurai is expected to be able to remain strong in battle while becoming calm when necessary. This is similar to a sword. Extremely sharp and deadly when used appropriately; but seemingly harmless when sheathed. The samurai swords are one of a kind.

While other swords focus on weight and effectiveness. The Japanese samurai` sword in addition to the features mentioned above is incorporated with an air of elegance. An aesthetic feeling is one of the most attractive features of the samurai sword. However, this is in no way a weakness. It is one of the most endearing qualities of the samurai sword.

This aspect of the samurai sword is so appreciated that the samurai sword is one of the top three famous swords in the world. For any sword collector, the samurai sword is definitely a must have. Based on their lengths and sizes, samurai swords can be classified into four. They are the tachi, the katana, the tanto and the wakizashi.

A Japanese samurai usually carries two swords. This is a vital part of the Japanese samurai culture. One long sword and one short sword. These two swords together are referred to as “daisho”. This term was coined somewhere between the 1500s and the 1600s. Nevertheless, the carriage of two swords by the samurai has been a practice long before then.

Although the katana and tachi are used interchangeably can both serve as long swords in the “daisho” concept, they have slight differences. A particularly interesting difference is that the Tachi came first. Also, the katana is just a straighter form of the tachi.

When you decide to get a samurai sword, contact modern swordsmiths. These swordsmiths employ ancient traditional methods in the crafting of samurai swords. So not only will the sword look like an authentic ancient samurai sword, it would feel like one as well. Some employ unique materials and methods in the extraction of the steel used as well as during the quenching process.

In conclusion, the samurai sword is one with a long history. If you decide to get one contact master swordsmiths with sufficient experience.

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