The Basics of Mercedes COMAND


COMAND refers to Cockpit Management and Data system. The Mercedes COMAND is one of the best in the car industry and comes in various versions example, the Mercedes NTG version. All versions do the same job; the difference comes in when comparing their functions and ease of use. You can identify the COMAND as a buyer by checking the user interface style and manufacturing year, checking the original radio unit’s keys, or checking the LVDS connector. In this extract, we discuss the basics of the Mercedes COMAND.

The Basic of the Mercedes COMAND

We look at how COMAND works, its features associated with it.

How Does Mercedes COMAND Work?

COMAND is located around the display screen found on the dashboard. You can control the various functions from the screen by pressing buttons on the dashboard or touching the screen. High spec car models have touchpads on the steering wheel that can also be used. A scroll wheel can also be used, and it’s the easiest form of navigation, although the latest touchpad version almost matches up to its level.

As a driver, you will be forced to use your wrong hand, and you may end up keying in the wrong thing. However, the system can recognize this and correct it or voice out your instructions to the car, and your desired action is done. The Mercedes brand calls this system MBUX and uses artificial intelligence to familiarize with the driver’s routines and wants.

It keeps records of your daily movements and suggests the best routes for you to take. It also learns what music you like most or the radio station you often listen to, making it easier for you during your drives.

What are the Features of COMMAND?

The Mercedes brand has different car models under it with varying COMAND versions. The COMAND system comes with two screens. One display screen is located on the dashboard and measures seven inches, while the other is in the instrument panel positioned behind the steering wheel still of the same size. The standard features include Bluetooth, USB port, and DAB radio.

Another COMAND referred to as mid-level features a 10.25 inches screen display on the dashboard with bigger and clearer graphics. It also comprises 3D maps, voice controls, and a built-in hard drive. Like the previous COMAND, it has a 12.3 inch display in the instrument that provides the driver with the sat-nav maps and car information. The beauty of COMAND is it allows you to change the screen settings to provide all the information needed if the default options are not providing everything you need.

Top of the range COMAND system has the largest display screen of 24.6 inches that almost feels the dashboard. Its features include a sat-nav that gives traffic updates and recommended speed limits. It also features a WIFI hotspot, Apple Carplay, and a theme option for the screen display in the instrument panel.


The information above helps you understand what COMAND is and some of its features. When buying a Mercedes, confirm that the model you want has the COMAND online system version you want. Their functions vary slightly; hence consideration is essential.

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