The Difference between a Spa, Regular Bathtub, and Jacuzzi


In our first series of spa bathtubs, we learned that those who are taking up bathroom renovations and searching for various ways to incorporate a little luxury to their bath time can always go for the contemporary style. It would help if you also considered installing a spa bathtub since it is incredibly luxurious. It also comes with a couple of different health as well as relaxation benefits. Therefore, if you are ready to install that spa in your bathroom, you should not only read the benefits but the difference between a spa, regular bathtub, and Jacuzzi. This very article will take you through the basics of different kinds of hot water therapy, too, because there is some form of confusion on the consumer market. People just tend to throw terms interchangeably. But the spa bathtub gives you insight on the differences. Let us begin, shall we?  

A bathtub spa/ regular bathtub  

Most people’s immediate reaction when you say a hot tub is that it refers to a big yet expensive outdoor bath. Luckily, you already comprehend the basics of a bathtub. The primary purpose of a bathtub is washing. It has the added benefits of relaxation, as we discussed in our previous series of baths. However, primarily, it is a structure you need to make good use of to cleanse yourself.

For you to understand the difference between a regular bathtub and a spa, it is vital to note that when using a conventional tub, all you need to do it get in and wash off the dirt then get out. Baths do not have an in-built thermostat or heater. Therefore, the water will soon become cold. At the same time, bathtubs probably do not have jets. This is, of course, unless you own a high-end type. Besides, you may only be able to use the bathtub alone.


Hot Tubs and bath spas vs. Jacuzzis

Now it may be slightly challenging to understand the main difference between the three since most people use the same terms to refer to the same thing. However, they use them interchangeably. The main difference between a hot tub and spa and a Jacuzzi when compared with the regular bathtub is that the three are not used for washing. They are majorly for relaxation, socializing, as well as your well-being-more like having fun! On that note, we encourage you to wash before getting in.

These terms are used to refer to a large heater in a tub of water, coupled with in-built jets and heating. The structures are also filled with relatively cold water and then warmed to the temperature of about 40 degrees. In this case, the thermostat will keep the water at a viably reasonable temperature. This implies that the water will annually be ready to use.


In many cases, water in the hot tub is drained down after every four months. This is the case for people in rental property. In between these changes, you will realize that the cleanliness of the water is maintained via a combination of various filtration methods coupled with chemicals. You should know just how often you need to change the water.

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