Places to eat in Milton Keynes: The Hub


Milton Keynes Keynes is lucky enough to have restaurants that are based on cuisine from all around the world. Everything from fast food outlets to imperial restaurants can be found across the town.

We reviewed a selection of fine eating establishments in the city so that next time you’re struggling to decide where to dine, we can help you make the decision.

The Hub, this is where the prices tend to increase exceedingly. But, the variety in The Hub area is tenfold from award winning chef menus to the sub of the day for just £3 or so.

Aqua is an Italian inspired restaurant which boasts a menu that has organic options healthy eating selections and season specials. Also available is an a la carte menu and Sunday roast for the more traditional of eaters. Perfectly located in the business district of the hub Aqua is a night out to dine rather than somewhere you would go for an ordinary meal. An occasional location if you like, your dining experience will not soon be forgotten that’s for sure.

Brasserie Blanc optimises the best of world food in Milton Keynes. The tastes of France are portrayed through the expert dishes mastered by head chef Thusitha Mudiyanselage. Blanc really does offer the finest of dining experiences with a plethora of exquisite menu options including Chateaubriand for two one of the most elegant meals available in Milton Keynes.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen has a fairly self-explanatory name. Burgers! The combinations however are what make this chain special, there’s almost an infinite amount of burgers you could have as a meal here all at a reasonable price. In a fantastic location overlooking Mortimer Square at the heart of The Hub ‘GBK’ is a the winner’s choice when it comes to no nonsense dining in the centre of Milton Keynes.

Loch Fyne is a glass fronted modern style restaurant delivering the very best of delicious seafood. Most of the fish and seafood ingredients come sourced either direct from the named loch in Scotland or surrounding sea’s. Traditional Loch Fyne oysters are available individually for something special on the side of your main which could include a selection of Lobster thermidor, traditional fish and chips or seafood tagliatelle. Loch Fyne is defiantly not just your average fish and chip shop with a few spuds and a daft bit of cod, it’s the national British dish served at its best, a must try.

Missoula bar and grill is a North American themed restaurant specific to the state of Montana with a fantastic cocktail bar at the centre of the venue you can choose to have a few drinks to complement any meal you do have here. Which could be a number of dishes including, Pretzel crumbed sea trout, 20oz beef rib or a bison medallion steak. Some very unique dishes that are rare to find on the British high-street.


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