Why You Should Shift To Multi-Channel Energy Meters Today

Multi-Channel Energy Meter

In our world today, the use of smart meters and IoT systems have turned out to be one of the greatest essentials to make your environment alive. In modern times, the use of IoT and smart meters and devices helps make a lot of things easier for us. The use of smart meters which give a very high performance which taking measurements of electrical parameters are very important. The main reason for the development of smart meters was to improve the entire performance metrics when it comes to your electrical fittings. Using the analog way, there are always prone to be errors which may result in the wrong reading of the values in question.

The use of smart metering and IoT devices makes life easy for all. When combined with the right storage platform, the provision of the needed data and proper monitoring will be ensured. For the multi-channel energy meter, there are various functions that you will find interesting.


  • Monitoring of multiple channels.

The remarkable thing about the multi-channel energy meter is its ability to monitor multiple three-phase and single-phase channels. In the three-phase, it can work up to nine three-phase circuits and for the single-phase, it can monitor up to twenty-seven. This is very efficient coming from a smart meter. That’s why a lot of people always want to make use of it in their homes and industries.

  • It monitors all types of voltage and current.

Whether it is zero-sequence voltage or current or it is a Three-phase voltage or current. The smart multi-channel energy meter is prepared to handle them all. You can also monitor apparent and reactive power, frequency, reactive and active energy, etc.

  • It has good accuracy.

The smart multi-channel energy meter is one of the best when it comes to accuracy in readings.

There are a lot of companies that have made a great name when it comes to the creation of these energy meters but, over the years, there is one company that has stood the test of time.  This company is Heyuan Intelligence Technology Co. Ltd.

Heyuan Intelligence Technology Co. Ltd is one of the biggest technology companies in China and over the years, we have made giant strides when it comes to the product of electrical equipment for the world. Our multi-channel energy meter is one of our High Tech products and it is seen as one of the best and it is used by a lot of customers worldwide.

The multi-channel energy meter is a piece of great equipment that comes highly recommended by over 100,000 customers worldwide. This is because we follow an unparalleled standard when it comes to production and delivery.

If you are looking for the best multi-channel energy meter which gives you the best energy metering performance without having to break the bank, the Heyuan Multi-channel energy meter will get the job done for you.

We are a global brand and all our customers can vouch for our products.

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