Tips on How to Service a Lawn Mower

lawn mower
lawn mower

When you invest in a personal lawn mower from, you take a step in having full control of how and when you do yard maintenance. However, dust, dirt, and various kinds of debris considerably shorten the life span of a lawn mower and make it more susceptible to breakdown. To extend the useful life of your lawn mower, below are some tips on how to service and store your lawnmower.

  • Cleaning The Lawn Mower

Before you even consider cleaning the specific Chinese lawn mower engine parts, the first thing you should do is clean it outwardly. Usually, a good old fashion household brush and a bucket of soapy water are generally sufficient for the outer most body part. Invest in a degreaser for the engine to strip any grease and oil that have accumulated. When doing so, pay attention to any debris lodged on the cooling fins of the engine as they should be removed.

  • Conduct A Regular Lawn Mower Oil Change

Unfortunately, most Chinese lawn mower brands don’t have a drain plug for draining used oil from the engine.  However, to extend the longevity of your lawn mower, make it a habit of draining it from time to time. Remove the filter plug and empty the oil by tilting the lawn mower on its side. Before refilling, confirm the type of oil your lawn mower use then refill to the specified quantities recommendation.

  • Clean The Lawn Mowers Spark Plug

An important aspect that you should protect when you purchase a cheap lawn mower is the spark plug. The sparks plug is vital in powering and ensuring the lawnmower runs smoothly. Ideally, as it’s the critical feature responsible for protecting the engine for overheating replacing it from time to time is essential. For easy maintenance routine, protect it from freezing and getting stuck in place by oiling it during maintenance.  

lawn mower
  • Change The Lawn Mower Air Filter

As expected, when you do work in your yard, dust and dirt are stopped from entering the engine through the air filter. The primary purpose is to prevent debris from entering the carburetor that in turn can stall the engine. For this reason, changing the air filter is vital as it practically safeguards your lawn mower from excessive damage saving you money. As they are relatively an affordable replacement, periodically change your air filter, cleaning out the area as you do so.

lawn mower
lawn mower
  • Grease And Oil Points Friction Prone Areas Of Your Lawn Mower

Finally, make use of grease and grease and grease the moving parts. Aim to lubricate oil bolts, folded areas and various areas where one element connects to another including the height adjuster and tension spring. Read over the instruction manual to see areas if the throttle cable can be used with grease. As dirt affects grease application, keep an eye on it and clean and grease as needed.


Scouring the best deal from China mowers is an excellent way of getting high-quality lawn mowers at a low price. However, to fully benefit from this, regularly do maintenance on your lawn mower to ensure it is ready for another season. What’s more, you get to have peace of mind that you have a reliable lawn mower ready for service and it saves you hundreds of dollars in replacement and repairs over the years.


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