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The new Huawei FIDO is a feature of new-age Huawei devices. The FIDO part of the Huawei Fido stands for Fast Identity Online. You know how at times you get a new app or you want to access some services online and the identity verification is frustrating you? Well, the Huawei Fido feature is in place to remove that exact annoyance. Logging to apps and services has never been easier. But since it is so easy, isn`t the security compromised? A very decent question indeed. One we will be answering during this article. Many other questions will be cleared.

Features of the Huawei FIDO
There are numerous features of this new technological breakthrough for the Huawei industry. But we will only be outlining the most prominent and appreciated features. There are about four of them and they include:

Secure Log in Feature
This feature makes use of the biometric data for online and device security purposes. So incidents involving leakage of personal data and confidential information are avoided. The use of biometrics also considerably lowers the risk of using passwords. Including the most obvious risks such as human error (forgetting) and someone else getting the passwords.

Device Security Authentication Feature
This involves a form of pre-verification process tied to the already established biometric information. This is to ensure that the biometrics are not easily tampered with.

Roaming Authentication Feature
The FIDO2 feature is especially prominent on mobile phones. But they have now been outfitted to be workable on several devices ranging from PC to tablets. There are also other devices which have not been mentioned.

Payment Security Feature
 This feature is in place to ensure a smooth transaction of funds online. This feature also enables in-app and other sorts of payments using the user` biometric data. So this means that with or without passwords, you can carry out a quick transaction of funds.  

Key Advantages of the Huawei Fido
The very first advantage of the HUAWEI FIDO feature is the convenience it offers to users. There would be no need to keep changing essential passwords and having to remember complex passwords.

The next advantage is that the feature can be trusted. A lot of people have used and gotten used to passwords over the years. But a more trustworthy and convenient method has been presented, FIDO.

Another advantage of the Huawei FIDO is that the personal private data collected is stored locally on the phone. So if you still have misgivings about the use of cloud services do not worry. Your data are not leaving your phone.

The last but not least advantage is that it offers mature solutions. This is evidence of an advanced user interface. So when a new app is introduced, it is already synced with existing personal data and security protocol.

A lot of us are already used to passwords. We have grown to trust passwords not because they are 100 per cent safe but because they have worked for us so far. The new Huawei FIDO is even more secure with more benefits over passwords. It promises to work just fine.

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