The best parts of a solar street light with pole present


The solar street light with pole present is a very unique part of a neighborhood that gives light, especially at night. Proper movement around a vicinity would not be possible if there is no street light in place.

There are various components of the street light that you’d love to know and in this article, we will be taking you on the journey.

Let’s dive in.

Components of the solar street light with pole present

1. The solar panel

The solar panel is one of the main components of the solar street light with pole present. The solar panel is responsible for getting the energy from the sun, charging the battery and turn on the light. The presence of the solar panel is what makes the street light unique because it does not consume a lot of energy during operation.

The solar panel does a fantastic job of ensuring that the batteries are charged effectively.


2. The battery

The battery is another main and unique component of the solar street light with a pole. The rechargeable battery stores the charges gotten from the solar panel and powers the bulb at night. When installing a street light, you need to ensure that the batteries are strong enough to last throughout the night at least. Most batteries can last more than one night if they are charged properly. They are simply the best.

The most popular battery types are Lithium-ion batteries. They help power the bulb better than other types of batteries.


3. The pole

The solar street light with a pole is the best. The presence of the pole help adds extra beauty and functionality to the street. The main job of the pole is to give the light a good height for it to shine better. When the light is not high enough, the light will not shine brighter.

There are several pole types you can use. You can choose the metal pole, a wooden pole, or the concrete pool. However, for ease of regular maintenance, we recommend using a metal pole. A metal pole can be constructed with hinges in such a way that it can easily be borough down when you need to work on something. It is the best.


4. The bulb

This is the most important part of the entire structure because without the bulb, the entire solar street light with a pole with not function properly.  In a lot of cases, LED bulbs are used for light to make it brighter and reduce energy consumption. It should be one of the most regarded.

This is one of the reasons why we recommend using metal poles. This is because you will always be required to change the bulbs in certain instances.



So, there you have it. We have done our best to show to the major components of the solar street light with a pole for your use.

The components depend on each other to function so, without one, the other may not be able to work well. The solar street light with pole present is a unique entity that is a must-have in any environment.

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