Estimating the Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost


A garage door spring gives smoothness to the door’s automatic opening system so that the door can get opened or closed effortlessly. Generally, these springs are firm and hardy, however, certain conditions cause them to corrode, oxidize, or even break. These consequences can lead to a big reason for hardship afterward. It can be risky to keep the door in such a terrible condition, as the garage door is the safeguard for your cars and other vehicles, and if the spring itself has been damaged, then no use in trying for self-repair. In these circumstances, you should replace the spring and allow your garage a safe opening.

From this article, you can get a clear idea about the possible conditions for replacing your garage door, garage door spring replacement cost, and some more related information, so stay connected.

How Do I Know That the Spring Needs a Replacement?

Usually, the longevity of a spring 7-12 years. But under certain conditions, it breaks earlier. Check below the possible signs that convey that your garage door spring needs a replacement:

  • If you hear a strange noise from the garage door at the time of its opening, that means it may have a broken spring.
  • If your garage door closes unexpectedly, that suggests a warning of damage in its springs.
  • If you’re feeling trouble at the time of opening or closing the door, then also check its spring if it needs a replacement.
  • If your garage door feels heavier than usual, then check once maybe the problem isn’t in your door but it’s in the springs.
  • If your garage door is stuck and isn’t opening at all.
  • The broken spring can be visible at the door.

Should I Repair or Buy a New Spring?

The cost of garage door springs is relatively affordable. Whether you’re using a torsion or extension spring, both types are easily available in the market at reasonable prices, usually under $100 per pair. And amateurs working with inexpert hands can make the damage severe and charge you more than its actual cost. And anyway, if the spring has been damaged then you have to replace it sometime later.  So, if you’re getting a new one at the same price or maybe less price, then why choose to repair it? A pretty good option is to call a trustworthy garage spring supplier like Bestar and give it a replacement.

What is the Cost of Door Spring Replacement?

Two types of garage doors are mainly used by the present residential buildings, these are tilt-up and roll-up doors, the table below highlights the cost of garage door spring replacement for both types:

  • Roll-up door: $250-$350
  • Tilt-up door: $150-$200

Cost With Additional Repairs

While replacing your garage door spring the professional may charge you some additional repairing cost which includes lubricating, tuning up, or adjustment in the spring’s tension. Check out these types of repair costs in the table below:

  • Garage door tune-up: $40–$80
  • Cable replacement only: $80–$185
  • Spring and cable replacement: $200–$500

Though the above charges are optional, you can flip the idea of repair and spend money on only spring replacement.

Other Aspects That May Effect Cost for Garage Door Springs Replacement

Apart from the door types and spring types, some other possible aspects can affect the cost of your garage door spring replacement. These can be the number of doors, materials, your locality, conversion in the spring types, labor costs, etc.


Don’t try to open your garage door when its spring is broken or about to break, as the spring plays a vital role in supporting the weight of the door, and it will be too risky to open it with a broken or damaged spring. Hire a reliable and proficient garage door installer to test and fix your system. At the time of selecting a reliable garage door springs supplier, Bestar should be your first choice as it is specialized in manufacturing and supplying garage door springs since 2006.

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