Essential Tips for Every New Vaper


As a new vaper transitioning from smoking, it could be pretty challenging giving up your usual cigarettes after years of routine acts, be it the early morning smoke or a midday one. You may also believe vaping is no big deal, and while you are somewhat correct, there are some hurdles you may face along the way.

There are quite a few essential tips for every new vaper in the early stages of vaping. And if you fall under this class, here is a guide to avoiding general downsides that may have you craving your regular cigarettes before experiencing the bliss of vaping.

4 Essential Tips for Every New Vaper

Know Your Kits

Choose the perfect vape with the right features that suits your needs and will imitate the feeling of smoking. You can start with a simple device with a less complicated system and upkeep.

Going for e-cigs that do not require you to replace the featured coils or be concerned about adjustable settings is advisable. Your vaping kit should be ready to pick up and vape. You can find many of those on the market or in any online vape store.

Know About Charging

Vapes are electronic devices that require charging, and you do not want them dying on you when you are in the middle of a tough day. This implies you need a suitable charger for your vape, as using the wrong one could damage your vape’s battery, making it have a lesser charge.

A device with a larger battery is more suitable for heavy smokers who cannot charge their e-cigs throughout the day. Such a device will last the whole day, or you can easily purchase a second battery, so you never run out of charge. Having a spare battery makes you not so bothered about charging, especially if you are somewhere you cannot access a charging spot.

Know About E-liquids

The penultimate hint on the list of four essential lips for every new vaper is getting familiar with e-liquids. You do not have to purchase every flavor of e-liquids in the book but having several to choose from is not so bad. This enables you to switch quickly to another taste whenever a flavor has the wrong strength or sets you off.

Know About Atomizers

Atomizers refer to the coils within your vapes that could get burned out if you draw on them like you are having a cigarette. It may take some time to adjust to drawing on a vape, but you mistakenly do not want to exhaust your atomizer during the process.

It would be best to choose a vape that imitates the draw of a cigarette as they have higher resistance coils with more restricted airflow. This allows you to use them like cigarettes, but note how long the coils within can last you based on your vaping lifestyle. Or better still, always have an extra coil to prevent you from any unexpected burnout.


These essential tips for every new vaper are pretty simple to follow, although transitioning could still be a struggle initially. However, with time, you will get the hang of it and never regret quitting smoking for vaping.


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