The Operating Technique Of A Bluetooth Wallet Tracker

Bluetooth Wallet Tracker

Are there times when you search for lost items in your house? Could it be a phone or a wallet? Well, in this blog post, we are going to teach you how to track your items in the simplest ways possible! Let us begin, shall we?

We all might have gone through it at some point- promised ourselves that it was the last time we were losing something that was right in our vicinity. Well, as it may turn out, there is an affordable way to solve the problem. This is the Bluetooth tracker way.

By definition, a Bluetooth wallet tracker refers to a small device that you can easily attach to your items in an attempt to keep your eye on them. This wallet uses Bluetooth Low Energy, which is also viably known as the BLE, to wirelessly connect to your cell phone while transmitting data to the device via the connection. Let us focus our discussion on the Innway rechargeable Bluetooth pack.  

How It Works  

A Bluetooth tracker is endowed with a distinctive signature that is realized by the owner immediately it gets connected to the gadget and the user account on the mobile app. That way, the tracker can easily recognize the app while ensuring that the tracker is not accessible to outsiders. The location should be known only to the owner in this case.

Bluetooth Wallet Tracker

However, there is an exception to the rule- every time the owner shares the tracker with a different user in the app; permission to track the lost item is given to the second and third parties. Because the connection is successfully set up with the Low Energy, the device, as well as the gadget, uses a negligible amount of energy. The Innway tracker is then capable of lasting anywhere upwards from 6 months.

On the other hand, the phone can easily last all day. This is without you having to worry when power will run out. Your tracker has a few primary components that can be found in any form or model of Bluetooth tracker.

The Power Source of Your Bluetooth Tracker

Your Bluetooth tracker has its internal source of power. Usually, it is a small lithium-ion battery known as LIB. These batteries often range from the small standard coin-shaped size to the custom-made batteries which fit the shape of the respective Bluetooth tracker. The batteries are also rechargeable. This impact eliminates the cost of replacing the battery within shorter periods.  

All too often, the replaceable and non-replaceable batteries utilized are the CR2025 and CR2031 coin-shaped ones. Here, the type of battery entirely depends on the company that manufactured the tracker and the features of the model of Bluetooth. For instance, water-resistant Bluetooth trackers such as Innway are not prominent for having a replaceable battery to help ensure that the Bluetooth tracker maintains its water-resistant nature.  

Bluetooth Wallet Tracker


Every Bluetooth tracker has a relatively small chip in it. This is known as the brain of the operation. It is also identified as the chip that makes your Bluetooth tracker ring. Therefore, it deals with the location information where it allows you to set up an individual Bluetooth tracker with features that suit your preferences, such as setting up various tones on the fingers of Bluetooth finders. That said, the Innway Bluetooth trackers are known to have a backup chip that can help to reset the primary chip it there is need to. Regardless of all the tasks that contributed to the performance of the chip, it is still set up to use as little power as needed.

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