3 Misconceptions about Toilet with Bidets


Toilets equipped with a bidet get a bad rep for nothing. In movies and other forms of entertainment, it’s almost as if these forms of toilets are seen to be inferior. However, the opposite is true. Toilets with bidets can be of the highest quality.

In this article, we will be putting three very popular misconceptions about these toilets to the sword. By doing this, we hope to shine a light on the wonderful qualities of these toilets.

So are you ready to learn more about them? If you are, let’s begin

The Most Hilarious Misconceptions about Toilets with Bidets

Here are some of the best myths I could find.

Myth One: Toilet Papers Are So Much More Affordable

This could not be any more further from the truth. I simply didn’t know this was not obvious. As time has passed, different varieties of toilet papers have emerged. Some have been more expensive than the others.

In the United States alone, the average American will spend $3-5 on one roll of toilet paper. Now, in just a single day, Americans will have used at least 30 million toilet papers. Do the math and you’ll discover that we spend more $100 million a day just on toilet papers?

Getting toilets with bidets is by far the cheaper option. If every American gets one of these toilets, we will be able to save more than 70% of our spending on toilet papers.

You’ll also be able to save yourself from excessive clogging. I don’t think it’s even worth debating.

Myth Two- Toilets with Bidets Are Made Specifically For Ladies

This is yet another incorrect claim for toilets with bidets. While it is true that ladies do find the bidets really helpful when they are on their menstrual cycle, it can also be very helpful to men.

It’s the best type of toilet if you want to maintain hygiene. This is true regardless of whether you are male or female.

Myth Three- You Need a Plumber to Take Care of the Plumbing Process

Yet again, this claim is false. Toilets with bidets most times will need to be connected to your GFCI. They will also use the pre-existing water connections that already exist.

You certainly do not need any plumber for installation. The entire installation is process is simple and is included in the package.

This allows you to use your toilet without thinking of how it affects the pressure of your shower. It’s simply genius.

How to Get a Toilet with Bidets

So have you decided to get a toilet with bidets? The good thing is that you have so many manufacturers of these toilets. The bad thing is that you might not know who to purchase it from. If you want a toilet equipped with a bidet from a reputable seller, then that link might help.

So don’t listen to myths that are far from the truth. Make sure you do proper research before making a purchase. At the end of the day, toilets with bidets are simply the best option for you and your family.

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