When to use a medical mask

medical face mask

Currently, around the world, there is an ongoing pandemic that has resulted in many deaths and sicknesses. Every day more than hundreds of thousand results are released relating to the spread of this virus. In the medical field, experts have made research and realized that it can just be prevented for a while until a vaccine is created. The question now is, what preventive measures can we use? And how well do they work?

Medical masks as a preventive measure.

The medical mask is currently one of the most used items in the medical family. There are created to adequately reduce the spread of any respiratory infection. There are two main types of medical mask, the N95, and the face mask.

The N95, are tighter and they prevent the wearer from infection, airborne diseases. There are generally not recommended to be used by the public.

Unlike the N95, the face mask is allowed for public use although they are not as firm as the N95. There are loosely fitted on the wearer but still prevent the wearer from spreading large droplets when coughing or sneezing. The N95 block 95% airborne particles and since they are firmer, they tend to stand as a barrier against large droplets from people who sneeze or cough. Bear in mind that the N95 cannot be used by individuals with facial hair or even children. If used, it will be very difficult to achieve a proper fit.

When to make use of a medical mask

Medical masks should be used only by people who have infections such as coughing sneezing or even fever. Most medical professionals should endeavor to purchase enough medical masks while treating infected persons. If you have no problem with your health, it is not advisable to wear a medical mask. An exception to this is the ongoing pandemic which has taken so many lives. Since the N95 requires testing for fitness, it is not for sale for the general public.

How to wear a mask

Before putting on a face mask, you must ensure your hands are well washed for at least 20 seconds. In some cases, soap and water may not be available but if you have a hand sanitizer, it will do the job.

Once you are done,  place the face mask on your nose and mouth. Make sure there is no gap between the medical mask and your face and ensure you don’t touch the mask when worn, but if you do touch, make sure your hands are sanitized or washed with soap. Once it has served its purpose remove it through the back and dispose of it in a refuge bin. Always wash your hand after discarding it.

How to purchase a medical face mask

Purchasing your own medical mask is not much of a problem. The Huana Brand produces some of the best medical masks around.

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