What to Look for in Modern Stunt Scooters


Stunt scooters offer a stronger and heavier ride than traditional scooters. Since they are not easily adjustable or foldable, they have excellent durability. Remember that you need a durable scooter for spectacular stunts, riding large ramps, and ambitious tricks. Thus, it is perfect for a person who wants to ride at a go. It will save you a lot of time spent on customizing and assembling components. It is an important tool for riders who do not have the necessary equipment or tools to set up their ride. These are the various parts that make up a stunt scooter.


Usually, stunt scooters have T-bar design, fixed handlebars. They are meant to enhance stability and support. The wider handlebars enhance your control and stability. Therefore, you can push your scooter to the limits. Also, the design is great for beginner riders who want an extra sense of security when trying new tricks.

Ensure you select handlebars of the same height. Ideally, handlebars that are too low or too high will have an impact on maneuverability and performance.


This is a critical component that supports the rider’s weight. It is fixed to the head to provide extra durability, robustness, and strength. You should note that decks vary in length and width. The larger decks provide extra control and stability. This makes them a perfect choice for intermediate riders and adults. Most stunt scooters are all-round with wider decks to maximize performance and stability. Even if you have larger feet, you will feel more secure and comfortable. If you aim to perform air tricks, you should get a scooter with a narrower and lighter deck.


When buying a stunt scooter, you should consider a sprung break or fixed brake and determine the most suitable. You should note that it is easy to depress sprung brakes, but a fixed brake provides adequate control. Lightweight riders may find fixed brakes trickier to use.

Headset Options

The headset is an important part of the stunt scooter that can improve your performance. Its headset allows the deck and bar to spin. Without this part, you cannot perform tricks. The main types of headsets are threadless or threaded headset. Beginners should go with threaded headsets because of their lower price point. On the other hand, threadless headsets are a bit pricier and provide a smoother ride.


The type of material is determined by what you want to achieve out of the new grips. Although silicone options are a bit softer and offer an increased grip, they wear out faster. Therefore, if you want a durable option, you should get rubber grips. Also, you can find foam grips, but they do not offer adequate protection to your hands.


You should consider the rating of bearings. Ensure the bearings you choose to provide a smoother ride. Nowadays, there are splash-proof bearings with rubber flange that help prevent moisture and dirt from penetrating moving parts.


Stunt scooter wheels are made of different materials, with each material having an impact on the quality of the ride. Plastic wheels are lighter and most preferred by riders. However, they are not as durable as alloy core wheels.

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