What are the Benefits & Features of Raw Cambodian Hair?


There are different types of hair on the market, with each having its own set of properties and advantages. Raw Cambodian hair is among the finest hairs. This variety of hair stands out for its quality and thickness. Explore the main features of this type of hair so that you can determine whether they are suited for you.

What is Cambodian Hair?

As the name suggests, cambodian hair is sourced from Cambodian donors. It is available in three forms of textures:

  • Wavy
  • Curly
  • Straight

Quality hair is always collected ethically from donors. These hairs are available in both short and long forms and the texture varies based on the donor’s hair texture. The texture can range from long and wavy flow to short and curly or wavy flow. Some of the key points about these types of hair are as follows:

  • They are naturally beautiful
  • They are lightweight, thus making them convenient to wear
  • They are durable and can last long
  • You can treat them just like your natural hair
  • They can be washed, shampooed, colored, and cut like natural hair

Main Features

Before you choose raw Cambodian hair for yourself, it is important to know about its main features.


Cambodian hair is known for its fine, luxurious, and soft texture. These hairs are naturally elegant and provide a comfortable feel due to their light weight. You can wear them and they will work well with your natural hair due to the texture being completely natural.

Typically, raw hair refers to unprocessed hair that has received no chemical treatment. This means these hairs can be styled based on the texture of your natural hair. They seem so natural that you will feel confident wearing them out on occasions or to work. No one can tell the difference unless you tell them.

Durability & Pattern

When it comes to patterns, Cambodian hair tends to be light-wavy. These hairs are not wavy similar to styled hair. They are bouncy and elastic, making them easier to straighten and curl.

Since these hairs are highly durable, you can expect them to last long. You can use them for anything ranging from 12 months to 24 months, given that you care properly for them.

Intact Cuticles

Quality Cambodian hair gets collected from a single donor. Their cuticles are intact and aligned together. This eliminates any chances of matting or tangling.

Another property that makes these hairs unique is their color. They feature natural coloration that is a mild shade of black. It is referred to as off black or 1b in the technical term. You can also explore softer shades of black to match your natural hair color or personal preferences.


If you love to color and bleach your hair, this is the perfect hair type for you. You can color and bleach them to your liking. All you have to care about is that it is done professionally and using quality products.

Thus, there are many properties and benefits that make raw Cambodian hair so special. It is recommended to choose quality hair to make the most of the benefits that are typical to this hair.

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