What are Earloop Masks? – What Are the Basics of Wearing Your Mask?

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As the coronavirus rate of infection continues to increase around the world, governments are making it mandatory for citizens to wear face masks in public places to prevent the spread of the virus.

Facemasks play a vital role in controlling the spread of infection. Here’s how. When you sneeze, talk, or cough, you release germs in the air via small particles, which ultimately infects anyone nearby. When you wear a facemask, you eliminate the cross-contamination.

If you are thinking of owning a quality face mask, you may want to consider the earloop masks. These non-sterile masks feature a comfortable inner lining as well as softly rounded earloops. How do you wear them? 

Here is a detailed outline of a few other aspects you should know.

Cover Your Cough with Earloop Masks

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, shopping for an earloop mask is an excellent choice for different reasons. First, it features three-ply layers. The outer layer absorbs moisture; the middle layer acts as a filter while the inner layer absorbs moisture.

The masks are also designed from polypropylene that has more than 95% bacteria filtration. What’s more, the pleated polypropylene material makes it convenient to expand the mask so that it covers the area from the nose to the chin.

Thanks to the earloop (string-like material attached to the mask), you can conveniently secure the mask behind your ears.

Wearing the Mask: Learn the Basics

Making sure that your mask fits isn’t just crucial to your comfort; it keeps your family, friends, or employees safe.  

Learn the basics of wearing a mask

Wash your Hands

Before wearing a mask, you need to make sure that your hands are clean. Use an antibacterial soap because it keeps the mask clean/sterile. You may also want to consider using alcohol-based sanitizers if there’s no hand soap.

Placing your mask

Make sure that you hold your mask facing the right direction before bringing it to your face. The bandaged edge of the mask is the top part and should securely fit against your nose. Both sides of the mask have ear loops which you should place behind your ear.

The earloops are elastic. This should help you achieve a comfortable fit regardless of your face shape. If you’ve already secured your ear loops, you may want to adjust the top edge so that it fits securely against the face and nose.

Give it a Second Look

Once your mask is secure, confirm whether air escapes from the sides. While most designs won’t allow air to escape, there’re some you may have to press the side against the face for a perfect fit.

Breathe Easy

You should breathe with ease when wearing a facemask. For comfortable and safe breathing, exhale using a mouth and inhale through your nose. Exhaling using your mouth is vital because you release air more efficiently.  

Final Thoughts- Carefully Remove your Mask

Once you’re done using your mask, you need to touch the ties or ear loops when removing it carefully. If you’re wearing a disposable facemask, make sure that remove and dispose it at a specific receptacle then wash your hands.

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