Types Of Lockets Found In The Market


The female jewelry industry features myriads of designs. Necklaces are some of the most popular types of female jewelry. The necklaces also come in various formats. Necklaces with lockets are particularly quite popular. You can look at some of these necklaces here: https://www.ineffabless.de/personalisierte-halsketten/kette-mit-geburtssteinen.html. In this post, we look at the best locket designs.

What are lockets?

Lockets are part of a necklace that hangs on the chain element. Lockets are used to enhance the appearance of the jewelry. They are also used to personalize jewelry. Unlike most people think, lockets have existed since ancient times. This means that they are not a modern concept but have existed for centuries. Some lockets also have some significance to them. For instance, you can adorn a beautiful necklace with an eye-catching locket with a photo of your kids, family, or any other significant message.

Types of locket designs

Like most types of jewelry, lockets come in a wide range of designs and materials. Below are the most common types of lockets.

1. Photo lockets

These are simple lockets explicitly designed for keeping photos. They usually have a locking mechanism. This means that you cannot see the contents of the locket unless you open them up. The images are kept inside the locket. Typically, you can have up to two pictures in the locket.

2. Crystal glass lockets

Glass lockets are different from photo lockets because you do not have to open them to see their contents. The contents are usually on display since the material is transparent. However, they are beautiful and unique. You can have a glass crystal locket with a flower or leaf inside. It can feature various colors, depending on your taste.

3. Lockets with rhinestones

Women’s lockets with rhinestones have recently become very popular. They are more costly than traditional lockets. They usually shine brilliantly, and they go well with silver or gold chains. They make excellent jewelry for an everyday look.

4. Vintage lockets

These are lockets made using vintage materials like rhinestone or alloys. They usually come in a wide range of cuts and designs, like glow-in-the-dark lockets. Most of these designs are vintage, and the materials are rustic. They are generally very costly because of their vintage aspect. However, they are worth the cost because you can wear them for any evening or daytime function. They also do not go out of style.

Take Note

Note that the various types of lockets can also be categorized based on the types of materials used to make them. In this case, the types of lockets are:

  • Diamond lockets
  • Silver lockets
  • Gold lockets

Final word

As mentioned earlier, lockets can be made from a wide range of materials or metals. Gold and silver lockets are particularly popular. Gold signifies purity. For this reason, it is worn on special occasions and during special festivities. On the other hand, silver makes some of the gorgeous jewelry pieces. It is also long-lasting. The beauty of lockets is that they never go out of style. Additionally, even if the jewelry becomes old, you can keep the locket for a keepsake because of its significant value.

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