A Look At The Best Designs For Lunch Boxes


Japanese style lunch boxes are currently very trendy. This can be attributed to their unique elements like microwave friendliness, heat and wear resistance, durability, and ideal measurements. They also feature a compact design and excellent insulation. Moonbox Japanese lunch boxes are particularly very popular because they offer all the benefits mentioned above plus affordability. Other than Japanese style lunch boxes, there are several different lunch box designs in the market.

Popular lunch box designs

Below are some of the most popular lunch box designs in the market;

1. All-in-one lunch boxes

This is one of the most efficient lunch box design in the market. All-in-one lunch boxes are practical and highly functional. It features enough space for more than one meal course. You can also easily store a thermos and utensils in the lunch box. Regardless of the many things you can carry in this lunch box, it packs away into a handy and compact piece that you can carry around effortlessly.

2. Double-wall lunch boxes

As the name suggests, these lunch boxes have double walls. They offer impeccable insulation. They are perfect for sandwiches, salads and soups. They are also ideal for packing meals because they provide extra stability and insulation. They often come with utensils for eating.

3. Connected lunch boxes

These lunch boxes offer a sleek design. They have different compartments for various foods, and they are all connected. This means that they do not separate from each other. Some of them come with magnetic cutlery. Additionally, they feature a compact design that is easy and comfortable to carry. The downside to this design is that they are challenging to wash since they cannot be separated. You cannot use them for carrying one type of food since you cannot disconnect the various compartments.

4. Vintage lunch boxes

These lunch boxes feature a vintage design. They are also made with conventional lunch box materials like stainless steel. Regardless of their traditional style, they are still popular because they are eco-friendly and practical. The fact that they last for a long time is also an added benefit.

Additional categories of lunch box designs

Lunch boxes can also be categorized based on the following elements:

  • Material- lunch boxes can be made using various materials like wooden, plastic, and stainless steel lunch boxes.
  • Shape- these products also come in varying shapes. Rectangular lunch boxes are more common because they offer adequate storage spaces. However, the market also features square, heart, and fruit-shaped lunch boxes.
  • Features- insulated or thermal lunch boxes fall in this category. They are typically named based on their unique characteristics.
  • Application- lunch boxes in this category are named based on how they are used. Sandwich lunch boxes fall in this category.
  • Brand- naturally, most products are also categorized based on their manufacturer or brand.


The market is packed with ordinary lunch boxes that anyone, from kids to adults, can use. However, these products are no match to premium lunchboxes like Japanese style lunch boxes. White-collar workers popularly use premium lunch boxes. However, anyone can own and use them now because of the several affordable options currently available.

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