Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo: Silverstone atmosphere is ‘amazing’ – even if it rains!


Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo has claimed the atmosphere at Silverstone is always ‘amazing’, even if it does rain.

Formula 1 comes to Northamptonshire next weekend for the British Grand Prix and the Milton Keynes based side will be hoping to improve their recent fortunes.

And even if if the weather is miserable, Ricciardo is looking forward to taking in the Silverstone atmosphere.

He said: “The thing about Silverstone is that it’s packed from Thursday onwards. If we have one of those nice, hot blue-sky sunny weekends then the atmosphere’s amazing.

“If it’s grey, wet and windy then the atmosphere’s still amazing. I’m not sure how that’s possible – but Silverstone manages it.

“As for driving in those conditions, it’s still exciting – but in a very different way!”

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