5 Materials of Engraved Jewelry You Should Know

Engraved Jewelry

So you’ve recently bought some awesome engraved bracelet from Ineffabless. Congratulations on that! It means that you have taste and a thing for good-quality engraved jewelry. In today’s article, we’ll take you through the different materials that are used to make jewelry and their specific care instructions.

Gold Engraved Jewelry

Jewelry that is made out of pure gold is really easy to take care of because it does not corrode, rust, or oxidize. However, such is very expensive and you have to dig really deep into your pocket to buy it.

Gold that is below 24-karats is usually mixed with other metals so you have to be careful when dealing with it. If your engraved jewelry is made with gold of less than 24-karats, keep it away from chemicals and salt water.

To clean your gold jewelry, use a wet piece of cloth so that you don’t damage the plating. Storage is also quite uncomplicated: you can put the jewelry in bags, containers, boxes, or pouches to protect them.

Silver Engraved Jewelry

Jewelry that is made out of sterling silver easily gets oxidized when it makes contact with air. To prevent it from tarnishing with time, it’s advisable that you store the jewelry in an airtight jewelry container.

To clean the silver, use a damp piece of cloth that has been dipped in warm soapy water. Take your jewelry to a jeweler if it has any scratches so that it can be fixed. You might need to take your silver-plated jewelry back to be re-plated once every year because it wears out over time.

Bronze Engraved Jewelry

When you mix tin and copper, you get bronze. This alloy is shiny just like gold, but makes inexpensive jewelry. Bronze gets oxidized when the oils from our skin rub onto it and react with the copper. As a result, a greenish color forms on the jewelry. This discoloration can easily be washed off using distilled water.


The discoloration usually happens on bronze engraved jewelry that is tight on our bodies such as rings. If you would like to prevent the engraved jewelry from being oxidized, it’s advisable that you use clear nail polish to coat it. When the coat wears off, reapply it to keep the jewelry protected from corrosion.

Steel Engraved Jewelry

Jewelry that is made using stainless steel is also easy to take care of because it doesn’t oxidize. It also doesn’t break when you drop it. To clean, use clean running water and wipe it dry once you’re done. Use a soft brush if you are looking to give it a more thorough wash. Otherwise, a soft piece of cloth would do. To add shine to the engraved jewelry, you can either polish it or use some nail polish

Steel-plated jewelry can get scratched. To avoid this, make sure that you store your jewelry in different compartments so that they don’t come into contact with each other.

Pearl Engraved Jewelry

These days, a lot of jewelry is made using pearl. Engraved jewelry that is made using this gorgeous gem is delicate and requires specialized care for it to remain lustrous. Pearl jewelry needs just the right amount of moisture; you shouldn’t leave it in too much or too little moisture. 

Pearl jewelry should never be soaked in or cleaned using water that contains cleaning solvents or detergents. Leaving your jewelry under direct sunlight makes it dry out so much that it cracks. Store your jewelry in a safe box, bag, or pouch where it won’t get scratched. Wipe it every time after you wear it to remove the oils that transferred from your skin.


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