Beginners Guide In Choosing The Best Lolita Fashion Wigs

Lolita fashion wigs
Lolita fashion wigs

Being a Lolita girl means following the rules on makeup, shoes, innerwear, socks, and hair. However, when it comes to lolita wigs, it’s not uncommon to find unsightly wigs out there which give off a bad Halloween vibe. As they tend to look cheap and itch a lot, avoiding such wigs is imperative. Below are some useful tips on how to purchase Lolita fashion wigs.

  • Pay Attention To Lolita Fashion Wigs Color

The first thing to remember when you are choosing Lolita wigs is that Lolita style isn’t anime.  When selecting a Lolita wig, avoid wigs that make you look like a walking rainbow by not overdoing the color. Look at the pictures of the wig modeled and what the text says. Most wig details will let you know if the color has been distorted.  In all, unless you are going for a drastic Lolita look, yellow cosplay wigs shouldn’t be your first pick.

  • Choose High-Quality Lolita Fashion Wigs

Make a note of the type of material used to make the wig. To avoid those plastic looking wigs, choose a wig that has the word “kanekalon” in the description. Usually, these are high-quality thick cosplay wigs that will look good and feel great.  If a wig has the name synthetic wig with no more added description, then safely assume that they are low-quality wigs.

Lolita fashion wigs
  • When Possible Choose Heat Resistant Lolita Fashion Wigs

If you desire to have any versatility when styling your Lolita wig, pick a heat resistant wig. A heat resistant wig will allow you to treat your wig just as you would your real hair. You will be able to manipulate it by blow drying it in a low heat setting or adding some hair product like gel. However, if you want to get the most out of your hair, consider purchasing a lace front cosplay wigs that will allow you to style it however you please.

  • Choose Lolita Fashion Wigs With Adjustable Straps

When you are choosing a Lolita wig to invest in, consider the size of the wig. As Lolita fashion originated in Japan, the wigs are designed to cater to their petite frames and small heads. When purchasing, ensure that you countercheck the details for the wig size. If possible, opt for adjustable sized strap wigs that can fit the average girl without any issue. Remember, the best cosplay wigs are the kind of wigs that fits your head.  

Lolita fashion wigs
  • Be Cautious When Buying Short Lolita Fashion Wigs

Even though short cosplay wigs are an acceptable look in Lolita fashion, it’s best to be cautious when purchasing short wigs.  Just as with size, ensure you countercheck the length and get a rough estimate of the length of hair. When it’s cut too short especially at the back, it won’t sit right on your head, and you will end up looking weird.


Before you decide to invest in any Lolita fashion wig, aim to do a lot of research primarily on the kind of look you want to portray. Knowing what you want, and following the above guideline on choosing Lolita wigs will help you choose Lolita hair that looks great.


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