Looking At The Best LED Parking Lot Lights 2020

4. LED Parking Lot Lights 2 (1)

We know just how important it is to light your parking lot. Other than providing lighting that allows you to see clearly, LED lights do enable surveillance cameras to capture the faces of different intruders in the surroundings quickly. On the contrary, traditional lighting may not be that effective when it comes to lighting your parking lot. That is why it is essential to know the basics of selecting the best-LED parking lot lights by their brand names.

Antlux LED Parking Lot Light

If you are looking for a viable replacement plan for your parking lot light, then look no further than here. Antlux LED parking lot light should be your new parking lot light. It is definitely the correct choice and selection since it is among the brightest lamps readily available without the consumption of significantly a lot of power.

This LED light has about 18,000 lumens. The feature will enhance the look of your parking area in several ways. Regardless of the high output of light, the lamp can cut your bill by 75 percent. On top of this, it also plays a significant role in the conservation of the environment.

Therefore, with photocells included in it, it is an ideal lamp that can turn on as well as off automatically. The extensive range of applications makes this LED light bulb perfect for different places. Outdoors specifically, it can be an ideal lamp for roadways and pastures. Because of their slim bodies, the LED lights have exceptional dissipation of heat. Apart from that, the installation is pretty much efficient. This implies that it can easily fit into different square poles. For that reason, it could be an ideal choice when it comes to replacing an incandescent lamp.

UFO All In One Solar Street Lights

Ideal for open parking spaces with unrestricted access to sunlight, this solar LED light is functionally versatile. It can also function as a street, sidewalk, or garden light. It comes complete with a solar panel and a high-power solar-chargeable lithium battery with different time charge times depending on the model. The LED lights produce a super bright illuminating that is cool and gentle to the eyes.

The UFO Street Light uses anti-glare technology to prevent the super bright LED lights from hurting your eyes. While the maximum height in some models is 6 meters, the light can be fixed to a longer light pole to suit the customer’s parking lot lighting needs. The unique UFO design adds to the aesthetics of your parking space. The solar LED parking lot light is made of aluminum, making it highly durable and cost-effective in the long run.


The safety of your parking lot at night will often be boosted when there is appropriate lighting. And with our LED lights, you will find it possible to illuminate as well as save the supposedly hiked bills easily. The reviewed parking lot lights above are versatile. Happy shopping! We hope that you get exactly what you need for your parking lot.


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