Learn Everything About BIC Lighters


The body of bic lighters bulk is made of Delrin, an engineering plastic that is more durable than aluminum, tougher than steel, and chemically resistant than gold or silver. Pure isobutene fuel is used in the construction of BIC Lighters and each piece can light up to 3,000 times. Each lighter ignites a steady flame, is resistant to children, and is secure even when held at a 45-degree angle. In this article information about the feature of BIC lighters and where to buy them from have been provided.

BIC Lighters Features

In this section, the feature of BIC lighters have been discussed.

1. Easy To Use

The BIC lighters are easy to use. Roll the metallic sparking wheel in the direction of the red button for ignition with the thumb. To discharge the gas, keep the button pressed. A spark created by “flicking” the wheel will ignite the gas.

2. Refillable

BIC lighters are refillable in nature, they can be easily refilled just by using a butane container. To fill the lighter it has to be turned over in your hand, and the butane container’s nozzle will be then inserted into the lighter’s bottom hole, then the butane canister is pressed down carefully, the sound might not come but the canister is filled.

3. Recyclable

BIC lighters are made up of recyclable materials so disposing them is quite easy. After being used the empty BIC lighters can be recycled as solid waste. This feature of BIC lighters makes them eco-friendly in nature thereby contributing to sustainable development.

4. Cheap & Affordable

BIC lighters are very pocket friendly which makes them highly affordable in nature. These lighters use self-manufactured parts which bring their cost down. BIC lighters come at a very reasonable price which fits into people’s budget.

Why Buy From Alibaba?

In this section, the answer to the question of where to buy your BIC lighters from has been answered thoroughly.

1. Can Be Custom Printed

Alibaba provides you with the option of custom printing your BIC lighters which makes them unique. The print options that are available at Alibaba are of high quality and can be customized according to the needs and demands of consumers.

2. Bulk Purchases At Discounts Are Available

Alibaba offers heavy discounts on purchasing the BIC lighters in bulk. These discounts are highly attractive and motivate consumers to purchase more and more. This discount makes the product even more economical and budget-friendly.

3. Variety Of Designs & Colors

Alibaba offers a variety of designs and colors of BIC lighters to choose from. Different colors and patterns on your BIC lighters make them stand out. You can choose whatever color and design that suits you and make your BIC lighters truly unique in nature.


Now that the features of BIC lighters and what Alibaba offers to its consumers are known. Alibaba is the best place to get your BIC lighters from with attractive designs and custom prints that make your lighters very unique they are also budget-friendly that don’t put much of a weight on your pocket. Alibaba has been offering quality products since starting and has a good reputation among its consumers. With all this, it can be easily concluded that Alibaba is the place where you should go when it comes to purchasing your BIC lighters.


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