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Before the invention of firearms, the blade dominated the warfare. Of all the legendary sparkling swords, feudal Japan’s Katana sword is the most famous. This can be linked to the fact that it was typically the official sword of the renowned Samurai warriors.

This article will enlighten you on the history of the noble sword, the Katana sword.

The first time the word Katana was used

  • The word Katana was first used around 1185 to 1333, the Kamakura Era in Japan.
  • It was used to mean a long sword having common features with the Tachi, but with some specific differences.
  • Some aspects of history believe that Katana was invented by Japanese swordsmith to meet the need for a better weapon to fight invaders.

The demand for a better blade

While there is no confirmed history regarding the swordsmith who developed and improved the Katana modifying it from a straight sword into a curved sharp-radiance.

Some parts of history acclaimed Amakuni from the Yamato Province was the legend swordsmith behind the transformation of crafting the first curve, single-edged, long sword.

Amakuni, a Handmade Swords Expert, was claimed to have noticed that many of the Samurai returned from the battlefield with broken swords, particularly during Mongolian invaders’ battle.

  • This led him to reform the existing Samurai sword to a virtually indestructible one.
  • He used the best iron sand ore and created the curved Katana sword, perfect for slicing the enemies.
  • The swordsmiths, through the Muromachi era of 1337 to 1573, worked to develop a perfect Katana.
  • They used various heat therapy and the best iron ore to build a sword with a strong, sharp edge, and flexible spine.
  • The Katana was the first sword worn with the cutting edge facing up. Until the invention of the curved sword, Samurai warriors wore their blades such that the edge faces the ground.

The modern Katana

The samurai class was abolished during the Meiji era from 1868 till 1912. The only groups allowed to handle swords at this period were ex samurai clans, the police, and the military. This slump lasted for a short period as the Japan-Russia battle triggered sword production again. World war II also boosted swords’ production when it became necessary for all officers to wear a sword.

Due to the circumstances, the swords were produced quickly, so some properties were eliminated. The Katanas were not created using Japanese steel. This implied that the resulting swords were not crafted, and the standard was lower than the previous Katanas. These faster and cheaper approaches led to the advent of modern Katana.

Katana sword today

Till today, the Katana is still famous. Although sword production has declined, notably after World War II as Japan agreed to stop weapons production, including swords. In recent times, there is the rebirth of Katana as there are now companies not only in Japan but all over the world that produces swords, particularly the Katana, as the demand rises. Unless stated otherwise, most Katanas today are produced using these techniques. If you wish to experience the real Samurai feeling, you need your Katana sword to be made by a Handmade Swords Expert. Then, you are a true Samurai.

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