Top tips to help you get the right toy for your kids

magnetic toy

Kids love to play with toys, and it’s been proven that it’s a fundamental aspect of their mental growth. Asides the fact that it aids their development, toys also help kids focus all of their energy on productive activities. Toys come in various shapes and sizes, and kids often have their preferred types of toys.

An important point to note while getting a toy for your kid is that certain toys are more suited to certain age-grades; what this essentially means is that some toys do not apply to some age grades. When you set out to buy toys meant for infants for older kids, the purpose of purchasing such toys is defeated. This article highlights each age grade and those toys that are considered suitable for them.


Kids in these age grades are most likely learning to crawl and grasping items around the house. Also, toddlers are in the habit of trying to mumble words bits by bits. The most suitable toys for these sets of kids are the ones that help them master their art of speech while simultaneously helping them with mobility. Toy cars with wheels as well battery-powered toys could prove beneficial to these kids.


Kindergartners are likely to ask more question as regards those things they see around them. These kids are always looking to mimic their adult counterparts by trying to dress and imitate each of their actions. Also, these kids like to play around the house with their friends, and they want to play with every item they come across. A good toy for the kindergartners includes apartment sets and dress-up clothes.


Kids within this age range are sure to want to express their creative capabilities. Also, preschool kids are usually in the habit of wanting to explore their environment to the maximum. The perfect toys for such kids include bikes, puzzles as well as magnetic blocks for kids.

School-age kids

The kids found in this age range are likely to want to explore their physical capabilities. School-age kids also have the tendency to have hobbies and interests that keep them glued. The type of toy to get for school-age kids should also add value to them academically as this is the foundation phase of learning. Some of the best toys to get for kids in this category include puzzle boards, remote-controlled toys as well as science and arts figures.

Preteen age kids

Kids found in this category have matured to an extent, and they usually have lifelong hobbies. In most cases, pre-teen age kids are fascinated by video games and other electronic inspired games. In terms of educational toys, challenging puzzle games as well as strategy games could prove to be your best bet; games like chess and monopoly would always make a perfect partner for a preteen kid.

Final thoughts

Toys are an essential part of any kid’s life, and it could prove pivotal in their mental development. This article highlights and suggests some of those toys that could prove beneficial for each age range.


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