Your Guide for Importing Products from China to the US


It is the first time importers are enjoying the perks of moving products from China to the US in a less complicated process. In the past, the process used to be very complicated, coupled with unfamiliar steps and risks. Based on many people’s previous years of experience in client service, experts in the marketing field have decided to share tips for shipping from China to the USA.  

What You Need as an Importer

Do you need a license?  

According to the US Customs, you do not really need a permit to import products from China.

But, you will definitely need to work with a federal agency that has its requirements. This depends on the types of products you are importing into the country.  

When purchasing the following items, you should always get a license from the department of border control.

· Food

· Prescription medication

· Copyright materials

Do you need a customs bond?

A customs bond refers to a contract between three involved parties.

The parties include the insurance firm issuing the document, the importer, in this case, you, and then the border protection department.

The document assures the border department that you will fulfill your responsibilities related to the customs duties, and any other obligations.

You can always use a broker to assist you in clearing the goods via the border protection department.  But remember that you will need to pay the service provider.

If you import your goods subject to the Food and Drug Administration’s requirements, then you will need to buy a custom bond.

The next step you should take is registering importer information on their official website for qualification to import goods.

If you would like to clear the goods by yourself, then you should consider purchasing a customs bond. This can be acquired from a surety agency. 

Is an importer number required?  

Then there is the entry process. Here, you may need the importer number on the form. This can be the IRS number. If the business is not registered, however, you can use your SSN.

You can also ask the department in charge of a CBP assigned number. Here, you will need to complete the CBP Form before presenting it to the branch of entry at the port.  

Choosing the right products to import

How do you choose the right products to import?

If you are new to the business of importing products, then an auspicious beginning is significant to maintaining your business interests. This should also allow you to lay an incredible foundation for growth.

Perhaps you need to note that finding the right product is key. And if your best bet is developing a new product, then you need to work with an agent.

Go with the interests of your prospective clients- if you are shipping products for a business, then you need to consider starting with outdoor commodities like camping bags as well as portable showers.

Go with easy-to-sell products- if you sell on Amazon, then you need to research the top-ranking products on the list and choose the ones that are sold by competitive suppliers.

Finally, it would be best if you settled for the private labeling of products. Your customers will always pay more for commodities with exclusive branding and design on the package. So you need to factor that into the shipping business idea.

Final Thoughts

If you are seeking help with finding a reliable supplier for the shipment, this blog post sheds some light on locating experts. By now, you should be knowledgeable about the recommended shipping process from China to the US.

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