Uses of Cable Ties You Haven’t Thought Before

Cable Ties

Cable ties, also known as zip ties, are generally used to tie multiple electric cables together. Apart from that, these cables can be used in many ways. In this article, we will try to show some unusual uses of Cable ties which might wonder you.

5 Surprising Uses of Cable Ties Which You Have Not Experienced Before

Zip ties are ubiquitous in many ways because of its multiple uses in our day to day life. However, nowadays, people can use this for the following applications, which are pretty different from its traditional use.

1. Unclogging a Sink or Drain

A common problem is drain clogging in our daily life, especially in a kitchen sink because of its heavy uses. A simple nylon cable ties can be a great and fruitful solution for this purpose.

What you need is to have a long zip tie approximately 2 feet is okay. Otherwise, you can join multiple ties together to make a long thread. One more thing is, you have to have a scissor or plier to have diagonal cuts so that wastes like hairs can be attached and came out of the drain when you put it out.

Cable Ties

2. Child Proof House

Yes, you head it right. You can make safe of your cabinet or other belongings where you do not want to reach the children. For example, to get the cabinet locked, get the two handle of the doors, and tie a zip tie in between them. You can also lock other things like your drawer and other emergency places.

However, the problem is you have to cut it down to untie because this is a temporary protection system. But it is useful to keep your things out of reach from children.

3. In Your Garden

For ornamental trees or other small flowering trees which you want them to remain upright, cable ties can help you out. Tie a zip cable with the plants together to make a bunch of them. You can also stick the flower together to enhance the beauty of your garden.

However, do not tie them too tight. Keep a little room when you link so that the trees can grow and expand them easily. Moreover, you can also slight the ties whenever you needed.

4. Temporary Theft Protection Or as Indicator

The cable ties are pretty strong, and it is not easy to tear them with hands. So it can be used as a temporary protection. For instance, you can use it to protect your bags, personal belongings. In a camping, you can lock your tent simply with it to protect your things.

Maybe it is not a good type of protection system, though you can detect if any unwanted happens. Thanks to this awesome ties.

Cable Ties

5. To Decorate Your Room

Last but not least, you can decorate your rooms by hanging different showpieces with the help of those plastic ties. Most importantly, they come in different colors, so you don’t need to be worried about the look. For example, in a Christmas tree, green color is preferable while other red or oranges are preferable to a thanksgiving gifts.


To sum up, undoubtedly the cable ties are of great use from the very beginning of its invention. Hopefully, all the tips and hacks mentioned above about the uses of cable ties will help you a lot. Finally, thanks to this awesome technology.

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