The benefits of enalapril maleate for dogs and cats

enalapril maleate

While a popular drug for human beings, enalapril maleate can also be used for dogs and cats. Enalapril maleate for dogs and cats is used by veterinarians primarily to treat cardiac diseases as well as irregularities with the blood pressure. By far, enalapril maleate is the most common ACE inhibitor drug in the industry. ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme is a compound that is naturally produced in the kidneys. The role of the enzyme is to control the blood pressure in the body. The enzyme ACE, therefore, works by constricting the blood vessels hence lowering the blood pressure. When too much ACE is produced, it may have some adverse effects. 

Uses of enalapril maleate in dogs and cats

Enalapril maleate is used to manage heart diseases, cardiomyopathy, and high blood pressure in animals. Like in human beings, enalapril maleate works by inhibiting the narrowing of the blood cells in animals hence reducing the stress and the task on the heart when pumping blood from the heart to other vessels. Enalapril is the main compound within enalapril maleate drugs that helps to inhibit the formation of particular enzymes/compounds in animal bodies. Most of these enzymes and compounds, if left to alone, might have adverse effects. 

The functioning of ACE inhibitors

While ACE constricts the blood vessels in the body of animals like in human beings, ACE inhibitors perform the contrary role. The role of ACE inhibitors is, therefore, to relax the blood vessels, which decreases blood pressure. 

Enalapril maleate for animals with hypertension

The other name for enalapril is Vasotec. Vasotec is an FDA approved drug or compound used in medicines that are primarily used to treat or prevent hypertension. In dogs, hypertension may result in;

  • Irregular blood flow from the heart to other parts of the body through the blood vessels
  • Damage to the blood vessels, which narrow down as a result of ACE production.
  • Heart damage resulting in other heart conditions like heart attack
  • Kidney damage leading to various kidney disorders
  • Intolerance to exercise and in severe cases, stroke

How do you know your dog needs enalapril maleate?

Some of the common symptoms of hypertension in dogs include;

  • Regular seizures
  • Bleeding in the nose and eyes as well
  • Loss of vision 
  • And circling

Enalapril maleate for animals with kidney problems

Many are times that animals with kidney complications also suffer from high blood pressure, which in worse cases, may lead to death. For such animals, the benefits of enalapril maleate include;

  • Decreasing cases of proteinuria
  • Slows down the increase in serum creatinine
  • Reduces the rate at which glomerular basement membrane splits up

It is important to note that the enalapril maleate does not treat kidney disorders directly. It is only used to manage hypertension that is caused by kidney disorders hence preventing the onset of symptoms like sudden blindness and retinal detachment. 

Final Word

Like in human beings, enalapril maleate has some adverse side effects in animals. Some of the common side effects include; fatigue, chills, and weakness in dogs and cats. The side effects are, however, unique in each animal as different bodies react differently to the drug. 

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